Welding Classes at West Virginia University at Parkersburg

The completion of training and certification in the field of Welding can open the door to a variety of opportunities in different industries. Due to a consistent demand for certified welders to fill welding positions, there is potential to experience stability and progress throughout your career. The first step toward earning your welding degree is to enroll in welding courses at a university that has a program geared specifically toward certification in the field. The welding classes at WVU Parkersburg provide the skills and training you need to begin your welding career and excel in the field.

Welding Degree and Courses

Coursework in Welding involves physical mastery of the many facets of the field as well as the practical knowledge needed to pass the certification exams. By the time you have completed the program, students learn techniques in multiple areas of the welding industry.

• Metal arc welding, both gas and shielded
• Flux cord and gas tungsten arc welding
• Reading and interpretation of blueprints
• Welding tool and equipment maintenance


Certificate of Applied Science in Welding Technology

The Certificate of Applied Science in Welding Technology provides instruction in all the popular welding processes. Upon mastery of these processes, students are assessed using the AWS Sense Level 1 examination. This certification usually will allow the student the opportunity to test for a potential employer in whatever code is required. Students studying on a full-time basis may normally expect to complete the certificate in one academic year. All credit earned may be applied to the Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology, should the student subsequently choose to pursue the degree.



Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology

The Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology prepares graduates for positions in construction and manufacturing. Skills learned include hand-welding, flame cutting, hand-soldering and brazing equipment to weld or join metal components or to fill holes, indentations or seams of fabricated metal products.


Welding at West Virginia University at Parkersburg

When seeking your education and training in the welding field, it is important to find a program that provides excellent academic standards combined with the hands-on career training you need to become certified and proficient in the industry. The welding technology program at WVU Parkersburg meets all standards for preparing students for licensing tests in the welding field.

Welding Career and Employment

One of the main goals of becoming proficient in trade is to gain secure employment in the field. The skills you learn through a welding certification program are in high demand worldwide, since the rate of the building continues to increase. Welders are needed in a variety of industry settings, so graduates in this field can look for positions in the industry of choice.

• Welding specialty shops
• Transportation industry
• Steam, petroleum or natural gas pipelines
• Chemical plant construction and maintenance
• Boiler work and maintenance
• Ocean oil rigs
• Aircraft industry
• Agricultural and mining machinery
• Commercial electrical and mechanical systems
• Any structural work that involves metal working


Estimated rates for the current academic year. Additional course fees may apply and rates are subject to change.

WV & OH Residents

Per Credit Hour

$160 - $221

Per Semester

$1,920 - $2,652

Fall & Spring Semesters

$3,840 - $5,304


Per Credit Hour

$358 - $382

Per Semester

$4,296 - $4,584

Fall & Spring Semesters

$8,592 - $9,168

High School Students

Per Credit Hour


Per Semester


Fall & Spring Semesters


Jared Gump


Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Division

Room 0128D



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