EDGE (Earn a Degree – Graduate Early)

Start College in High School! Get An EDGE on Your Future

EDGE stands for Earn a Degree – Graduate Early. The EDGE program makes it possible for high school students to earn free community and technical college credit in West Virginia while still in high school. EDGE courses generally consist of skilled and career technical classes offered in high schools and technical centers, such as welding or early childhood development.

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Yes, the college credits are free!

Since EDGE credits are offered as high school credit which can be articulated into college credit, there is no charge for EDGE courses.

If you take the right courses in high school, you can save on your college tuition costs. Students who take the college credit courses available in high school can earn a Certificate or Associate Degree within one year after high school or along with a high school diploma.

There are great careers available in only one or two years! The following are a few examples of high-skill and high wage jobs available through two-year programs:

Computer Network Support Specialist$45,676
Police Detective$45,073
Acute Care Nurse$54,475
Sheet Metal Worker$47,590

Any high school student can participate. The courses are connected to the skilled pathway in your cluster and major.

Edge Credits

Architecture & Construction

WV CTE Program of StudyWV CTE Program Required CoursesCollege CourseCollege Credits
AR 1820
1842: Carpentry I
1843: Carpentry II
1844: Carpentry III
1845: Carpentry IV
MTEC 102
AR 1720
Computer Aided Drafting and Design
1729: Fundamentals of Drafting
1727: Drafting Techniques
1725: Mechanical Drafting
1721: Architectural Draftingi
DRAF 111
DRAF 226
DRAF 112
DRAF 228
AR 1760
Electrical Technician
1756: Electrical Trades I
1757: Electrical Trades II
1758: Electrical Trades III
1759: Electrical Trades IV
+ 4 Specialization courses from:
1762: Blueprint Reading for Electricians
1765: Industrial & Commercial Wiring
1766: Integrated Electrical Lab
1767: National Electrical Code
1769: Residential Residential Wiring
1771: Rotating Devices and Control Circutry
MTEC 102
MTEC 103
ELEC 115
ELEC 116
ELEC 101

Health Science

WV CTE Program of StudyWV CTE Program Required CoursesCollege CourseCollege Credits
HE 0715
Allied Health Sciences
0711: Found. Health Science
0715: Adv. Principles of Health Science

+1 Specialization/2-course sequence from:
*Clinical Diagnostics – 0810: Electrocardiograph
Technician + 0825: Phlebotomy Skills
*Emergency Services – 0792: Emergency Services 1 +
0732: Emergency Services 2
*Medical Assisting – 0737: Medical Assistant
Laboratory & Diagnostic Procedures + 0733: Medical
Assistance Clinical
*Medical Laboratory Technician – 0755: Medical
Laboratory & Diagnostic Procedures + 0756: Medical
Laboratory Diagnostic Procedures & Applications
*PTCP Prep – 0771: PTCB Prep. + 0772: PTCB Clinical

HPER 1722
HE 0723
Therapeautic Services
0711: Foundations of Health Science
0715: Advanced Principles of Health Science
0789: Clinical Specialties I
0790: Clinical Specialties II
CNA 1017

Human Services

WV CTE Program of StudyWV CTE Program Required CoursesCollege CourseCollege Credits
HU 2311
1737: Barbers & Cosmetology Foundations
1734: Cosmetology Professional I
1735: Cosmetology Professional II
1736: Cosmetology Professional Advanced


If 4 additional Advanced Specialization courses are
completed, additional credits available:
1730: Cosmetology Chemicals I
1738: Cosmetology Science I
1740: Cosmetology Science II
1750: Cosmetology Chemicals II
COSM 105
COSM 107
COSM 201
COSM 210


COSM 103
COSM 110
COSM 202



Information Technology

WV CTE Program of StudyWV CTE Program Required CoursesCollege CourseCollege Credits
IT 1680
Computer Systems Repair Technology
1664: CompTIA A+ Core 1
1665: CompTIA A+ Core 2
1694: Networking+

+1 Specialization course from:
1695: Server +
1696: Security +
1698: Linux Essentials
CIT 101
SEC 101
IT 1450
Information Management
1700: Technical Computer Applications I
1709: Technical Computer Applications II
1431: Digital Imaging/Multimedia I

+1 Specialization course from:
1429: Desktop Publishing
1445 Management & Entrepreneurship
1705: Fundamentals of Computer Science
CS 1014


WV CTE Program of StudyWV CTE Program Required CoursesCollege CourseCollege Credits
MA 1870
Industrial Equipment Maintenance
1873: Fund. of Industrial Equipment Maintenance
1875: Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
1871: Electrical Maintenance
1985: Fundamentals of Welding Technology
ELEC 1013
MA 1980
1862: Welding I
1863: Welding II
1864: Welding III
1865: Welding IV
WELD 111
MTEC 102
WELD 160
WELD 171
WELD 279

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

WV CTE Program of StudyWV CTE Program Required CoursesCollege CourseCollege Credits
ST 2460

*Must have Calculus.
2461: Introduction to Engineering Design
2463: Principles of Engineering

+2 Specialization courses from:
2459: New Age Engineering I
2460: New Age Engineering II
2462:Digital Electronics
2464: Engineering Design and Development
2466: Civil Engineering and Architecture
2468: Aerospace Engineering
2469: Environmental Sustainability
2806: Computer Science Principles
ENGR 101*
DRAF 226

Talk with your high school counselor or teacher to confirm program participation in EDGE. You will need to fill out the EDGE college enrollment form with your teacher and submit it for college credit when the program is completed.

You will receive your EDGE transcript at no cost from the WV Council for Community and Technical College Central Office. EDGE credits can be applied to a Certificate or an Associate Degree.

Contact your high school counselor or teacher; WVU Parkersburg (304-424-8310) or call the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia (304-558-2411). Get the EDGE advantage!

The EDGE Advantage:

Jump starts your college education

Earns you “free” community college credits while in high school that apply toward a Certificate or Associate degree

Saves money on college tuition

Prepares you for success

Makes it possible for you to earn a Certificate or Associate degree in one year or less after high school!

The Mid-Ohio Valley Community and Technical College Consortium serves the counties of  Jackson, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Tyler, Wirt and Wood.