Nursing & Health Sciences

Welcome to Nursing & Health Sciences Division

The Nursing and Health Sciences Division at WVU Parkersburg is committed to preparing you for careers in healthcare – one of the fastest growing areas of opportunity. This growth in employment is driven by technological advances in patient care, an increasing emphasis on preventive care, and an increase in the elderly population. Occupations with the largest growth are registered nurses, personal and home care aides, home health aides, nursing aides, orderlies, and attendants and medical assistants.

Careers in health care are exciting, rewarding, and offer a lifetime of fulfillment. The Nursing and Health Sciences Division prides itself on the quality of education we have to offer with our new, simulation labs, clinical rotations, concept-based learning and much more!

Kathy Frum

Division Chair

Before coming to WVU Parkesburg in 2002, Kathy Frum previously worked as a staff nurse at the Camden Clark Medical Center. Frum holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from West Virginia University, Master of Science in Nursing from Otterbein College and a Post-Master’s Certificate in Nursing Education from Marshall University.