Residential & Commercial Electricity

Residential & Commercial Electrical Training

The future is bright for those planning a career as an electrician. The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2019 Edition, states that opportunities will grow 9% from 2016 to 2026, and the average wage for electricians in West Virginia runs from $15.74 to $26.15 per hour. With the proper training and credentials, you can be earning a good living in an exciting career field in just two semesters. Unique among trade schools in West Virginia, WVU Parkersburg offers a robust program that can get you prepared to go to work in a short time without sacrificing the quality of the education.

Skills Training

Although jobs often fluctuate with the economy, electrical needs are unlikely to diminish, especially in highly populated areas. New homes and commercial construction need qualified technicians throughout the country. Technology upgrades and rewiring is necessary to maintain current standards in older buildings.

Many skills needed for the job come naturally, while others are learned in the classroom or apprenticeships.

• Problem-solving skills are essential for diagnosing and correcting issues, which is a large part of the job. Learning how to investigate, identify problems, and fix them is critical to success in this field.
• Reading comprehension is needed as emails, work orders, and written summaries are a critical component of the job. You must be able to understand and follow project details.
• Customer service skills benefit any electrician who interacts with customers. Depending on your position, this may occur frequently or not at all.
• Business skills benefit technicians who become independent contractors. Understanding general business practices, including invoicing, tracking inventory, and strategic planning, can help you as you become a supervisor or business owner.
• Mechanical ability is a must. If you enjoy taking things apart to see how they work and do-it-yourself projects that require assembly of a multitude of components, electrical work might be the right career path for you.

Electrical Technician Program

The Certificate of Applied Science in Residential and Commercial Electricity at West Virginia University at Parkersburg prepares students for a career as an electrical technician. It provides the skills training necessary to meet the standards required for a licensed residential and commercial electrician in West Virginia.

Students who complete the program learn about installation, assembly, and troubleshooting of a broad range of fixtures and devices used in commercial and residential locations, including:
Heating systems
Motor controls

In addition to core Math, Composition and Science & Technology classes, specialty courses focus on PC applications, technical writing and craft skills needed for successful completion of the program.


Certificate of Applied Science in Residential and Commercial Electricity

This program meets the standards and provides the skills training you need to earn your license as a commercial electrician in the state of West Virginia. The curriculum includes classes in layout, assembly, installation, and troubleshooting. Students are prepared to handle fixtures, services, pumps, motors, and more in both commercial settings. The program is thorough and focused on the things you need to know to get to work while holding to high academic standards.


Commercial Electricity Courses

The 30-hour program includes classes focused on getting you out of school and into the workforce quickly. However, the curriculum leaves you thoroughly prepared for the many career options you have available to you. These classes are organized to complete in two semesters.

• Orientation to College
• Electricity & Electronics Fundamentals
• Residential/Commercial Electrical 1, 2, 3, and 4
• Technical Mathematics
• Technical Writing
• Introductory Craft Skills
• Intro to PC Applications
• Capstone

What can I do with this degree?

Areas of Employment

Properly educated and certified electricians find many avenues of possible employment. Some are entry-level, and others require more experience, but you’ll find no shortage of opportunities. Here are just a few of the possibilities.

• Working in the construction of commercial buildings
• Owning your own business doing installations and repairs of electrical components
• Maintaining equipment in manufacturing environments as a commercial electrician

Work Environment

Individuals with a West Virginia electrical license seldom work in the same place for long. If you enjoy a change of scenery rather than working in an office every day, you may find that a career as an electrical technician provides you that opportunity. Electricians may work at remote sites for a few days or several weeks.

While some residential technicians work primarily indoors, many spend their time on construction or renovation projects outside. Commercial electricians may focus on power and telecommunications systems. Regardless of the specialty, the environment often involves working with and around live electrical wires, so learning the proper safety practices is essential.

Potential Careers

Residential Electrician

Commercial Electrician


Estimated rates for the current academic year. Additional course fees may apply and rates are subject to change.

WV & OH Residents

Per Credit Hour

$160 - $221

Per Semester

$1,920 - $2,652

Fall & Spring Semesters

$3,840 - $5,304


Per Credit Hour

$358 - $382

Per Semester

$4,296 - $4,584

Fall & Spring Semesters

$8,592 - $9,168

High School Students

Per Credit Hour


Per Semester


Fall & Spring Semesters


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Why Choose WVU Parkersburg?

At West Virginia University at Parkersburg, you’ll find a team of people determined to provide you with an education that gets you ready for a lucrative and fulfilling career. The support you receive doesn’t end when classes are over either. The electrical technician schools at this University offer extensive career services to help you get started in the world of work. Career coaching, job postings, and assistance with building a resume are just a few of the services available to students. Schedule a campus visit and apply online today to get started on a new career.

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