Available Scholarships


WVU Parkersburg offers a variety of scholarships for new, continuing, transfer and adult students. By submitting one online scholarship application, you can be considered for multiple donor-based scholarships funded through the West Virginia University at Parkersburg Foundation. For more details, use the scholarship directory below.

Students need only to complete one application each academic year to be considered for most scholarships.

Note: The WVAFCS $500 Higher Education Undergraduate Scholarship for the Child Development program requires a separate application, which can be downloaded here.

American Association of University Women Scholarship

Preference to female students who demonstrate need for assistance to pursue a college education. Funds may be used for tuition, fees and books. Special preference will be given to non-traditional and first-generation college students.

American Legion Post 15 Scholarship

Priority given to applicants who are children or grandchildren, or the legal dependents of American Legion members, students who participated in high school ROTC programs, and students who have served in the military or who demonstrate civic involvement- both male and female students are eligible.

Arthur & Judy Campbell Scholarship

Students with financial need who are residents of West Virginia and graduates of a West Virginia high school located in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Abels Memorial Scholarship 

Students in the teaching curriculum or with a career interest in business and demonstrating financial need.

Allan F. & Doris B. Gates Scholarship

Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts with preference given to English and History majors.

Ayers Memorial Scholarship

Preference to a non-traditional age married male who is returning to college with young children; if no applicant meets this preference, may be awarded to any non-traditional age male student.

Bell Family Memorial Scholarship Fund

Students who are majoring in a business or pre-law field; maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA; with preference for those who demonstrate financial need.

Bernard Berheimer Memorial Scholarship

Any full-time student, with preference for those with personal involvement or service to WVU Parkersburg.

Bernice Pickens Parsons Scholarship 

Full time nursing students who are residents of West Virginia, with preference given to those residing in Jackson County.

Betsy Adams Memorial Scholarship

Students with special needs due to a physical or emotional disability or those students pursuing a career in social work or the field of mental health. 

Beulah Tefft Webb Memorial Scholarship

Students with need entering the Associates in Nursing program. Must be expended by 2022. May be awarded to the same individual until degree completion.

Carol H. Hamill Memorial Scholarship

Available to all students in all areas. 

Charles & Neva Harrison Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships to encourage outstanding Wood County high school graduates, and may include support for fees and books if financial need is shown; also provides for faculty development grants.  

Children of Classified Staff Scholarship

Natural, legally adopted, or dependent stepchildren of a currently employed or retired staff member at WVU Parkersburg; must be 25 years old or younger and be degree-seeking, taking courses for credit.

Computer Science Student Scholarship

Available to students in the computer science program with financial need.

Daniel & Sharon Wharton Scholarship

Deserving students in need.

Debra Law McIntosh Memorial Scholarship

Preference for students with financial need who major in nursing or any medical profession. 

Douglass Adams Memorial Scholarship 

Preference to employees and families of United Bank.

Drema Starkey Memorial Fund

High school senior who is taking early admission courses. Must be related to an employee (faculty or staff) which includes, brother/sister, brother-in-law/sister-in-law, grandchild or mother/father. Must have a high school GPA of 3.75.

Edna D. Hamilton Scholarship

Preference to a student who has graduated from St. Marys High School within the past five years or be a current resident of Pleasants County. The scholarship may be awarded to the same student for more than one academic year to support their educational goals at WVU Parkersburg. 

Elmer & Helen Blankmann Scholarship

Students with financial need and good character who study any field at WVU Parkersburg.

Eramet Scholarship 

Eramet employee children only.

40 + 8 Scholarship

Created by the 40&8 World War I memorial veterans’ group to support two nursing students each academic year at $500 per year.  WVU Parkersburg student pursuing an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing who demonstrates academic ability and financial need. They will provide $1,000 annually to the fund.

Frank R. Yoke, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Deserving students in need.

GE College Bound Scholarship 

Graduates of Parkersburg South High School with a minimum 3.0 GPA and minimum score of 19 on ACT. 

GE Plastics Scholarship

Students with a 3.0 GPA who have need financial assistance and have demonstrated an ability and a desire to pursue a technical or scientific degree (chemical, electrical, mechanical, plastics technology, or computer science major).

Harrisville Lions Club Scholarship

Residents of Ritchie County who are full-time students and maintain a minimum 2.75 GPA.

Harry A. Ross Scholarship

Available to students in any field of study. 

Hogue Family Scholarship

Maintains a 3.0 GPA; demonstrates financial need; preference given to applicants from Ritchie County, WV.

Irene Conaway Nursing Scholarship 

Ritchie County High School graduate with a 3.0 GPA who will attend WVU Parkersburg as a freshman majoring in nursing; scholarship may be awarded to a Ritchie County high school graduate attending WVU Parkersburg majoring in any field except Criminal Justice.

Jackson County Developmental Center Scholarship

Jackson County disabled resident who is full time student; preference for JCDC employees and family members. 

James & Anna Colombo Scholarship

Art students who are recommended by the WVU Parkersburg Humanities Division; must be in good academic standing (minimum 3.0 GPA). 

James & Rebecca McCutcheon Scholarship 

Preference for students who are married and working to support themselves and their families funds may be used for tuition, books, and/or fees. 

Jan Dils Walk 4 Vets Scholarship

Established in 2015 by the Veteran’s Corps with funds from the 2014 Walk4Vets event. The Veteran’s Corps will select recipients using their criteria.

Jim & Ann Beck Scholarship

General assistance to students in financial need. 

Jima Dotson Memorial Scholarship

Preference to students interested in a career in secretarial science or business. 

Keith & Luanna Sheets Memorial Scholarship

Deserving students in need.

Kilian Conlon Memorial Scholarship

Students must meet a majority of the following criteria: 

  • welding or industrial maintenance major, 
  • resident of Tyler, Wetzel, Pleasants, Ritchie, Doddridge, Harrison, Marion, Monongahela, or Marshall counties,
  • first in family to attend college,
  • financial need

Test scores and GPA are not to be considered when awarding this scholarship.

Lloyd Vandale Memorial Scholarship

Deserving students in need.

Loretta G. Miller Memorial Fund

Assist a young academically gifted woman in financial need to pursue a college degree.

Louise & Frank Culina Memorial Scholarship

General assistance to students in financial need who have achieved a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Mark Davis Memorial Scholarship

Welding students who hold at least a 2.5 GPA (ACT scores shall not be considered).

Mary “Mickey” Welch Scholarship

Assistance to young students or students who are parents of young children; recipients must demonstrate financial need.

Michael & Diane Hensley Scholarship

Assistance to those students and instructors who are dedicated to performing at a level of excellence in the field of Natural Sciences and/or in support of natural science education initiatives. 

Minnie E. & O.W. Barnett Memorial Scholarship

For assistance with tuition, books and supplies.

Minnie B. Hamilton Memorial Scholarship

Preference to students from Calhoun County who are enrolled in the nursing program or or a St Marys High School graduate within the last 5 yrs or a current resident of Pleasants County. If neither is available, then any student pursuing a career in nursing, or a related health care field may be awarded this scholarship. The scholarship may be awarded to the same student for more than one academic year to support their educational goals at WVU Parkersburg.  

Minnie/ Keller Nursing Scholarship

Full time WVU Parkersburg students enrolled in the nursing program who demonstrate academic excellence. 

Nancy Hickel Memorial Scholarship

Students who show an interest in a career in journalism and/or graphic arts for the dual purpose to emphasize the stringent standards of journalism and a student who is committed to maintaining a high ethical standard.

Nancy Frye Memorial/Trinity Episcopal Church Scholarship

To assist young women so they can pursue a college education in order to better provide for their children; preference to heads of households who are receiving public assistance.

New Car & Truck Dealers Scholarship

Preference given to children of employees of Parkersburg New Car & Truck Dealers Association.

Parkersburg Rotary Club Scholarship

For deserving students demonstrating high civic involvement & academic excellence.

Parkersburg Rotary Club Sour Mash Scholarship

Awarded to students demonstrating high civic involvement & academic excellence. 

Penny Ayers Moellendick Nursing Scholarship

Female students who are enrolled in the nursing program special preference to non-traditional students; funds may be used for tuition, fees, and books. 

Phi Beta Lambda Scholarship

Student majoring in a Business program who has shown initiative and determination to accomplish goals and the willingness to share. Member of Phi Beta Lamda and/or Sigma Beta Delta. 

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

Member of Phi Theta Kappa who meets standards set by WVU Parkersburg or can be awarded a scholarship at the committee discretion.  

Ritchie Family Endowment

Full time students in financial need who exhibit academic excellent; preference for those who are interested in a business career. 

Robert & Susan St. Jean Nursing Scholarship

Support for students in the WVU Parkersburg nursing program, including tuition, books, fees, transportation, childcare, or graduation expenses, OR for selected needs of the nursing dept.

Ruth Hornbrook Memorial Scholarship

Students pursuing a career in veterinary medicine; scholarship may be applied toward tuition, books, and supplies.

Ruth Melton Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship is available to any student with preference for those who demonstrate academic success and/or financial need.

Sara Jane Way Memorial Scholarship

Deserving students in need.

Seth Michael Miller Memorial Scholarship

Shall be used for the general good as determined by the WVU at Parkersburg Foundation Board of Directors.

Shanti Memorial Scholarship

For students in financial need, with a preference for minority women or any non-traditional woman who wants to pursue a higher education degree. 

Shentel Foundation Scholarship

First generation to attend higher education from Calhoun County and a high school GPA 3.0 or higher. 

Simonton Window Scholarship 

For families of employees of SBR companies; students must demonstrate financial need & have a 2.6 GPA ACT scores shall not be considered; if no applicants form SBR companies, scholarships based on financial need shall be given to students from Ritchie, Wood, Doddridge, Tyler, & Pleasants counties. 

Sinclair Mellinger/Walter Scholarship

Any capable and deserving student.

Thomas & Betty Harris Memorial Scholarship

Not restricted to any field and may be applied toward tuition, fees and books for full or part-time students. 

Tom & Iowana Hillyard Scholarship

Deserving students in need.

Tri-State Roofing and Sheet Metal Company Scholarship

Applicants will be nominated by the faculty & administration of the Wood County Vo-Tech Center; criteria will be:

  • cumulative 3.0 GPA for vocational courses only, 
  • enrollment in a technology program at WVU Parkersburg,
  • participation in vocationally oriented extra-curricular activities 

Vienna VFW – Post 8127 Scholarship

To provide assistance to members of the Vienna VFW Post 8127, their children of grandchildren, or another deserving student at WVU Parkersburg.

Virginia McGarr McIntosh Scholarship 

Restricted to nursing students; preference given to graduates of Parkersburg Catholic High School.

Wayne-Meador-Elliot (WME) Memorial Scholarship

Graduating high school seniors from Ritchie County High School who are enrolled full time at WVU Parkersburg & meet these criteria: 

  • demonstrated financial need, 
  • minimum 3.0 GPA,
  • preference given, but not limited to students planning to major in education

Wendy’s Foster and Adopted Children Scholarship

Initial preference to students who have been adopted or who gave been in foster care program; secondary preference to employees of Wendy’s & their immediate families.

Welding Educator Honorarium

Welding student who holds a 2.5 GPA or better.

William P.A. Nicely Memorial Scholarship

Criteria for this scholarship:

  • Freshmen interested in political science or law enforcement (criminal justice),
  • graduates of a Parkersburg area high school (Parkersburg Catholic High School, Parkersburg High School or Parkersburg South High School),
  • with a minimum 3.2 GPA,
  • must demonstrate strong community involvement, 
  • high moral character, 
  • financial need 

WVU at Parkersburg Alumni Association Scholarship 

Students who are children, grandchildren, or the legal dependents of WVU Parkersburg (or its former institutions) alumni; students must be in good academic standing (min 3.0 GPA), with a preference for those with financial need. 

External Scholarships

A+ Construction and Remodeling Scholarship

Parkersburg Area Community Foundation Scholarships

The Parkersburg Area Community Foundation (PACF) manages over 160 scholarship funds which are available to high school graduates, students whose undergraduate degree program is already underway, returning students and those pursuing graduate-level education. 

The PACF is assisted by the WVU at Parkersburg Foundation in selecting students for the PACF scholarships listed below. 

Birdie DeVaughn Scholarship

WVU Parkersburg student from Wood County who has financial need for assistance.

John Dudley Memorial Scholarship

Covers the full tuition cost (no books or fees) for one student each year and is a renewable scholarship based on the student’s ability to continue to make adequate progress toward their degree. 

Little Kanawha Regional Council Permanent Education Endowment

The Little Kanawha Regional Council Permanent Education Scholarship is a student in the Little Kanawha area with a desire to remain in the region, preferring business.

The Little Kanawha Regional Council defines the area as Calhoun, Gilmer, Jackson, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Tyler, Wirt, and Wood counties.