Regents Bachelor of Arts

Regents Bachelor of Arts

The Regents Bachelor of Arts (RBA) is an innovative degree program designed for adult students. The program builds on any of our associate degrees and provides considerable flexibility in how, when and where the course requirements are met. RBA students do not have a time limit for completing the degree requirements, and students may earn credit through traditional college courses, standardized exams, cooperative education, institutional-based challenge exams, licensure/certification/formal training programs met through State Standardized Awards, military training assessed by the American Council on Education (ACE) or by portfolio review.

The RBA program operates on the same level of academic quality as other, more traditionally structured baccalaureate degree programs, and students entering the RBA Program are entitled to the same privileges as other WVU Parkersburg students. They are eligible for financial aid, scholarships, awards and the use of college facilities.


Regents Bachelor of Arts

The Regents Bachelor of Arts program is an innovative bachelor’s degree that allows adult students to complete a bachelor’s degree with no major. The program differs from other baccalaureate degrees in many respects. It is designed for students who are already working and seeking a degree, not for students at the beginning of an academic pathway. Areas of emphasis are available in history, leadership, literature, professional writing, psychology and sociology.


What can I do with this degree?

The Regents Bachelor of Arts degree provides students with opportunities to further their careers by pursuing liberal art or more specialized focus degree if they choose to incorporate our areas of concentration. You can select from the following:




Professional Writing




Estimated rates for the current academic year. Additional course fees may apply and rates are subject to change.

WV & OH Residents

Per Credit Hour

$160 - $221

Per Semester

$1,920 - $2,652

Fall & Spring Semesters

$3,840 - $5,304


Per Credit Hour

$358 - $382

Per Semester

$4,296 - $4,584

Fall & Spring Semesters

$8,592 - $9,168

High School Students

Per Credit Hour


Per Semester


Fall & Spring Semesters


Kim McFee

Director, Board of Governors and Regents Bachelor of Arts Programs

Professional AdvisingCenter

Room 1207


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