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Salute to Scholar

The following link contains our brochure. Please take a moment to look it over and see what we offer. To access a copy of the brochure click on this link:

American Legion Scholarship

VFW Scholarship

In addition to VA Educational Benefits, student veterans are often eligible for a number of scholarships. The WVU at Parkersburg Foundation has made it easy to manage and apply for scholarships in your OLSIS account under Student Records.

Veterans Upward Bound

Job fair

Veterans Upward Bound's mission is to assist and support eligible military veterans in their quest for higher education. Veterans Upward Bound is a United States Department of Education TRIO program dedicated to helping Veterans of the U.S. Military take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them. VUB provides services and materials (at no cost to program participants) for the purpose of facilitating enrollment into and successful completion of studies at institutions of higher learning. Veterans throughout West Virginia have received services from our Veterans Upward Bound program since 1990. Former VUB participants have earned degrees from colleges and universities in West Virginia and other states. For more information, please visit

Military Leave Policy

Titile: #VI-1. Student Called to Active Military Duty
Date: June 18, 2002

In accordance with WV Code 15-1f-1a and on the basis of University policy published in the West Virginia University Undergraduate Catalog, the following policy is hereby in effect of the campus of West Virginia University at Parkersburg:

Upon notification of a student that he or she is called to active duty before the end of the first three-quarters of the semester, the student will be granted a full refund of refundable fees (but no course credit).

Upon notification from the student that he or she is called to active duty after the “three-quarters” date, WVU Parkersburg will award full credit (with an assigned letter grade or “P” for courses in which the student is enrolled provided the student has passing grades at the time of departure. If the student does not have a passing grade at the time of departure, the student will be administratively withdrawn from the respective course(s) and issued a refund (of refundable fees).

Upon re-enrollment, the student’s education status, financial aid eligibility, or other benefits will not be adversely affected by the military leave of absence. Current federal and state regulations will apply.

Military Residency Policy

Active duty military, Reservists, National Guard Members, Veterans, and their dependents may be classified as in-state students for tuition and fee purposes. Contact the veteran advocate for more information.

VA Work Study Program

Individuals eligible for participation in the VA work study program are paid hourly wage completed in authorized VA-related activities.

The applicant must:

Receive VA Educational Benefits.

Attend school and be certified to VA at a rate of pursuit of 3/4 time or more for the terms you working.

Complete the VA form 20-8691 (Application for work-study allowance).

Be selected for the program by one of the VA approved work sites.

Additional VA forms and documents my be required.

To apply within the VRC or other VA approved work sites:

If a position at one of the approved sites become vacant, then an announcement is sent to students via the WVU Parkersburg email. Detailed information and forms will be provided in the e-mail notification. Qualifications that we seek include, but are not limited to, computer literacy, organizational skills, familiarity with the college campus and VA programs.