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WVUP on track to reach enrollment goal for fall 2023 semester

WVUP on track to reach enrollment goal for fall 2023 semester

 Parkersburg, W.Va. (August 16, 2023) — WVU Parkersburg’s President Dr. Torie Jackson met with the Board of Governors on Tuesday to discuss the upcoming semester and the college’s mission.

“At WVU Parkersburg, we intentionally focus on service to our institution, service to our community, and service to our students. It’s the opinion of this college’s executive leadership team that we truly excel in our mission objectives,” said Jackson during her President’s report. “We ask our community to send us those who need a change or are ready to begin a new path. It can be high school to college. It can be those who have already been in the workforce that are looking for another opportunity. They can be emotionally or physically tired. They all join us for a hope to enhance their financial stability. Renewal of purpose, financial enhancements – it helps all breathe easier. So, this task we have before us is one of purpose. I’ve heard it so much in the last few weeks as we have met with students, parents, and the community. Our employees have been reminded that what they do changes lives.”

Jackson said that as of Tuesday, Aug. 15, WVUP has 2,362 students enrolled in the upcoming semester, with an increase in full-time enrollment by 120 and an increase in head count by 88. Jackson set a goal to increase enrollment from last fall by 150 students but believes WVUP will see an increase of over 200 students after dual credit enrollments are added to the system later this week. She also stated that WVUP is made up of 64% traditional age students (23 and under), and 36% nontraditional students (24 and above).

“Our enrollment is up because of partnerships with companies like WVU Medicine Camden Clark, Chemours, Constellium, and so many more,” said Jackson. “Our local companies find value in the education we provide their current employees and their future employees.”

Blaine Hess, board member, reported on WVUP’s new cosmetology program. He said the program will begin August 28, 2023, behind the August 21, semester start date, due to extensive building renovations on the WVU Parkersburg School of Cosmetology and Esthetics. The school will be at 3113 Murdoch Avenue in Parkersburg. Hess announced that the school passed its state inspection and is ready for the semester.

“We are very fortunate to have a very seasoned group that will be there to guide that program,” said Hess.

Hess said Lisa Carter, School of Cosmetology and Esthetics Director, spent 15 years running the New River Community College Cosmetology program and has been instrumental in getting the program up and running. He also spoke about the two new cosmetology instructors, Jessica Freeman, who has 22 years of working in various stages of Cosmetology, and John Stanley, who has been practicing cosmetology for 36 years and is ranked internationally.

Savannah Morgan, board member, discussed the Jackson County Center and upcoming renovations. Morgan said the student lounge and the office area will see a significant change over the next month, making it more welcoming for students. The college is transitioning that center over the next year to be able to offer a full degree program in Advanced Manufacturing Technology by Fall 2024.

Morgan also shared fall recruitment plans for students. Recruiters will have six straight weeks of college fairs at local high schools, as well as tailgates at local high school rival football games. At these games, WVUP will hand out specialized t-shirts to participants.

Dr. David Lancaster, Vice President of Academic Affairs, brought a resolution before the board to receive approval to add high schools as a Dual Credit Pathway for students. The board unanimously voted to approve the resolution.

Jackson brought two resolutions before the board, one updating the BOG’s Salary Policy and another updating policies to comply with Affirmative Action laws. The board will review the current policies and vote to approve any changes during the next BOG meeting. The board unanimously approved the reviewal of the policy changes.

The next WVUP BOG meeting will take place on September 19, 2023.