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Student Spotlight: Brady McMullen receives Organic Chemistry Award

Student Spotlight: Brady McMullen receives Organic Chemistry Award  

Parkersburg, W.Va. (May 9, 2024) — Brady McMullen, WVU Parkersburg student, was awarded the American Chemical Society Sophomore Organic Chemistry Award during a ceremony at Marietta College on Thursday, April 23.

The ACS Organic Chemistry Award honors students who display a significant aptitude for organic chemistry and encourages them to further their interest in the field.

“Being a disciplined, hardworking, responsible and dedicated student, Brady has become the top student in his organic chemistry class,” said Nelum Karunathilake, assistant professor of chemistry. “Because of his commitments and performances, Brady was undoubtedly nominated for the Sophomore Organic Chemistry Award.”

McMullen has a passion for chemistry and believes it will be useful as he pursues a career as a pharmacist in the future.

“I am passionate about chemistry because it provides a fundamental understanding of the building blocks of matter and how they interact. The knowledge is crucial in pharmacy because it forms the basis of understanding how drugs work within the body,” McMullen said. “Chemistry allows me to comprehend the intricate molecular structures of pharmaceuticals and their interactions with biological systems. By mastering organic chemistry, I have gained insights into the synthesis, mechanisms and properties of various drug compounds, which will be valuable as I pursue a career in pharmacy.”

McMullen said chemistry has expanded his fascination of the pharmaceutical field.

“Organic chemistry has significantly influenced my interest in pharmacy by deepening my understanding of drug design, synthesis and mechanisms of action. This course has provided me with essential knowledge about the structure-function relationships of organic molecules, which are the basis of pharmaceutical compounds. Learning about reaction mechanisms and synthetic methods have enhanced my appreciation for the complexity of drug development in the importance of producing effective medications,” McMullen said.

McMullen has already been accepted into the pharmacy program at WVU for the Fall 2024 semester. After graduating from pharmacy school, he plans to be the pharmacist in his aunt and uncle’s pharmacy, Cox Family Pharmacy.