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HATERS, SINNERS, AND THE REST OF US: THE GAY DEBATE TODAY.  WVU Parkersburg will host a public lecture by philosopher, moralist and gay-rights advocate, Dr. John Corvino on Monday, October 12, 2015, at 11:00 a.m. Location for the live presentation has been moved to the College Activities Center.  The lecture will also be delivered by video transmission to Room 115 at the Jackson County Center.  Dr. Corvino is the co-author (with Maggie Gallagher) of Debating Same-Sex Marriage (June 2012) and the author of What’s Wrong with Homosexuality? (January 2013).  Copies of his books are available in the Bookstore and will be available for purchase at a book signing following the lecture.

UPCOMING EVENT. On October 30, there will be a Haunted House at the Jackson County Center. The Haunted House will be from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m. Tickets are $2.50 for anyone under 13 and $5 for anyone 14 and above. This is a fundraiser for Relay For Life and is hosted by JCC/SGA.

Employee of the Month for October is Travers Robideaux, Painter. (submitted 10/1/15) DSC_0138

. A Getting Started Module serves as the orientation to an online course, and is very similar to the events that can occur the first night of a face-to-face class. The purpose of this module is to help students learn the course routine, expectations, and organization as well as ensure that students are familiar with LearningStudio and have all of the hardware/software required for the course. Providing this online orientation supports learners by helping students become familiar with your course, and can reduce the number of questions you receive regarding course routine, expectations and organization. Seating is limited!! Email Chris Fahey at ude.puvwnull@yehafc to register.

This series will be offered in two parts at the following dates and times. Faculty should feel free to bring a bag lunch to the discussion:

Part One – 12 Noon on Wednesday, October 28, in the Online Learning Center
-Learning Contracts
-Syllabus Scavenger Hunts
-Support Services
-Icebreakers & Acquaintance Exercises.

Part Two – 12 Noon on Monday, November 16, in the Online Learning Center
-Welcome Videos
-Sharing Your Course Structure
-Course Calendar/Overview
-Technology Support.

ONLINE LEARNING CENTER TRAINING. This fall the Online Learning Center will be offering scheduled, facilitated training opportunities in Learning Studio. Faculty will be able to participate in these one to two day led courses in an asynchronous manner. Topics will be of benefit to online, blended, and traditional course faculty and will include online communication, feedback/grading, differentiated learning, and online classroom design. Whether you’ve never taught online, are teaching online, or want to teach online, these easy short term courses will benefit you! This chart shows the fall online training opportunities.

Email Kelly Campbell at ude.puvwnull@4ebpmack to register and earn a completion certificate for one or all of the attached scheduled courses.

YOU’RE INVITED.  The Humanities Speakers Series and the Office for Global Initiatives at WVU Parkersburg are co-hosting a special presentation: Fulbright Ambassador Dr. Elizabeth Collins (Professor Emerita of Ohio University) will speak about Fulbright opportunities abroad. Dr. Collins will share her Fulbright experiences and her enthusiasm for the benefits of engaging in a well-established international educational exchange program. This event will take place on Monday, September 14, 2015, at 11 a.m.,  in the College Theatre (Room 1305). All full-time and adjunct faculty are invited! For further information, please contact Dr. Nancy Nanney by phone (304-424-8361) or e-mail: ude.puvwnull@yennaN.ycnaN. (submitted 8/19/15)

CAUGHT YOU DOING GOOD. Here is the list of individuals “caught” doing great things for our students and our college community. Each nominee is receiving a free ticket to see Ensemble Espanola Spanish Dance Theater, Sept. 24, 7 p.m. in the college Activities Center.

  • Holly Martin: “Holly took a student and helped advise them, even though the student was in the process of changing degree programs.  She was very busy on the first day of class but took the time necessary!” – Jeff Olson
  • Pat Harris: “Thank you Pat for going the extra five miles on the committee revisions.” – Jane Milley
  • Missy Spivey: “Missy arrived at work at 9 a.m. to  help on a placement project.  She advised the entire day within our division. Finally she finished with a night class. I believe that would be a 13 hour day.  She is wonderful!” – David Lancaster
  • Michelle Nabers: “Michelle left such a good impression with a student that thestudent posted a great compliment on their personal Facebook page about Michelle.” – Pete Orn
  • Cindy Rupert: “A student came to WDCTCE Division very upset about course schedule. Cindy had the student smiling by the time they left.  She was very helpful.” – Michele Wilson
  • Ashley Boggs: “Ashley is a student who was observed helping her cooperative teacher at Neale Elementary. Ashley is always willing to help others.” – David Lancaster
  • Joe and Alicia Ann Hoff:  ”This great couple helped a student who is 62 and finishing his degree.  His car broke down and they provided a rental until it could be fixed so that he did not miss classes or his work on their farm.” – Robin Ambrozy
SAFE ZONE. WVU Parkersburg’s Safe Zone members are allies who have participated in training and pledged their commitment to provide a safe and supportive environment for members of our LGBT community. Safe Zone members can be identified by this symbol currently displayed via lapel pin and/or desk sign. Information about how to become a Safe Zone member and the membership list is available here. (submitted 9/10/15) safe-zone

SYMPATHY NOTE:  The campus community is saddened to learn of the passing of long-time adjunct instructor Danny N. Hylbert of Parkersburg.  Danny taught classes for both the STEM and WCE divisions for more than 20 years, last working in 2013.  His obituary can be viewed here (submitted 9/10/15)

CONGRATULATIONS to Kayla Gandee, who has been promoted to full-time Child Care Assistant II in the Early Learning Center. Kayla can still be reached at ext. 311 or at ude.puvwnull@eednag.alyak. (submitted 9/8/15)

SPEAKER SERIES. The Humanities Speakers Series and the Internationalization Committee are co-hosting a special talk by guest speaker Ms. Sandy Swisher, “A Summer Visit to Zambia and South Africa,” on Wednesday, Sept. 16, at 2 p.m. in The College Theatre (Room 1305). (submitted 9/3/15)

Employee of the Month for September is David Shutts, Records Assistant III. (submitted 9/1/15) David_Shutts3e_entry[1]

ATTENTION. As of September 23, 2015 the Community Room will not be available for scheduling due to the construction for the one stop shop.  If anyone currently has anything scheduled they should contact Pat Harris, 304.424.8242 or ude.puvwnull@sirraH.aicirtaP to schedule an alternate location. (submitted 8/28/15)

PLEASE WELCOME BACK Lisa Straight, our interim Associate Professor of Nursing.  Lisa is located in Room 2310, and can be reached at ext. 306 or at ude.puvwnull@thgiarts.asil. (submitted 8/26/15)

PLEASE WELCOME Cathy Ferris, our new Education Instructor in the Education & Humanities Division.  Cathy is located in Room 1012, and can be reached at ext. 480 or at ude.puvwnull@sirref.yhtac.

PLEASE WELCOME Jeffrey Danner, our new Library Associate.  Jeffrey is located in the Library, Room 1332, and can be reached at ext. 260 or at ude.puvwnull@rennad.yerffej.

Employee of the Month for August is Dana Mader, Professional Technologist 2. (submitted 8/4/15) Photo of  Dana  Mader

CATALOG. The 2015-2016 course catalog is now online: http://www.wvup.edu/academics/course-catalog/2015-2016-catalog/ (submitted 6/30/15)

WASPER is now bringing its recycling services to WVU Parkersburg on a regular basis. On the first Sunday and Monday of every month, the Wasper​ truck will be accepting household recyclables, including electronics, at the theatre loading dock from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. If you have any questions, please contact moc.liamgnull@CLLrepsaW or Professor Rebecca Phillips, ude.puvwnull@spillihp.acceber. (submitted 2/27/15)

RECORDS OFFICE. The Major/Advisor/Catalog Update Form has been revised and is now available from the Records Office. If you have old forms, please destroy them. (submitted 11/19/14) 

RECORDS OFFICE INFO. The Records Office will continue the current practice of transferring courses with “F” or “W” grades from other institution transcripts. This is an update to information provided in August 2014 in the “Need to Know Information from the Records Office” – which indicated that the process would change in November. Please contact the Records Office if further details are needed. (submitted 11/7/14)

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. The Faculty/Staff Professional Development Training Portal is now ready. Visit the portal through our main website be going to Faculty & Staff – Links – Professional Development Portal. For any questions, please contact Tess Martin at 304.424.8328 or ude.puvwnull@nitram.sset. You can also view a quick informational guide here: Professional Development Portal info guide pdf (submitted 5/6/14)

EOM NOMINATIONS. If you would like to nominate an employee that works at WVU Parkersburg for Employee of the Month, please submit nomination forms to ude.puvwnull@regnilpac.leahciM.  (updated 7/24/15)

COMMUNITY ROOM REMINDER. As a reminder, please review the Guidelines for using the Community Room. If you have questions on how to reserve the Community Room, please contact Brady Whipkey at ext. 200 in the President’s Office.

 (revised 5/27/2015)