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The most effective career decisions start here! We work with students at every academic level, from first-year freshmen to graduating seniors. Alumni are always welcome back for career needs.


WVUP’s Career Services is committed to student empowerment, workforce collaboration and community involvement. We provide career-related counseling, resources, and programs to help establish career goals, develop job seeking skills, and successfully obtain employment. We collaborate with employers to optimize internship, job, and career opportunities available to WVUP students and alumni.


Career Services can help undecided students identify their interests and explore careers while providing important occupational information. This can help students define and achieve career goals.

              • Career Coach – Discover majors, in-demand careers, and education based on your interests!
              • CFWV – For all students as well as adults in the workplace, this system can help you with your career and college planning.
              • US DOL One Stop – Browse a video collection to learn about careers, industries, skills and abilities, or work options and education levels.



Career Services can help students and alumni develop the skills necessary to conduct a successful job search. We can aid in creating or updating your resume, references, cover letter and other correspondence. We can also provide assistance with interviewing, networking and other job seeking skills.

  • Career Coach – Our easy-to-use resume builder will help you create a professional resume.
  • College Central Network – Access to over 70 career advice podcasts, over 25 career articles written by industry professionals, and over 10 career videos to help guide you in your career exploration. Click here for a video overview!


Career Services helps students and alumni navigate the early years of their career. We are ready to assist by giving you the tools to find the right employment for you.

  • College Central Network – Search for a wide variety of opportunities posted exclusively to WVUP through our online jobs board.
  • LinkedIn – The largest professional networking site available providing a way to connect with other professionals and stay in contact with millions of users. It has become a leading tool for helping individuals expand their networks as well as find jobs in their field.

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