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WVU Parkersburg’s BOG recognizes April Crone for involvement in Kids’ College

WVU Parkersburg’s BOG recognizes April Crone for involvement in Kids’ College

Parkersburg, W.Va. (June 19, 2024) — WVU Parkersburg President Dr. Torie Jackson discussed collaboration, rearrangement of campus offices and recognized April Crone, program coordinator, during her report at the Board of Governors meeting on Tuesday.

“Our goal at WVU Parkersburg is to build a deliberately collaborative ecosystem of engagement that will encompass the entire WVU-P community and the greater community that we serve,” said Jackson. “This college is successful when we work as a team, when everyone brings their engagement, their wisdom, their energy and their ideas.”

WVU Parkersburg has realigned some of its offices and positions to improve efficiency and enhance student experience. One of the changes will see student advisors move from the Professional Advising Center in the library into the Center for Student Services.

Crone received a recognition certificate for her planning and organization of the Kids’ College program.

Kids’ College is a program for children ages 8 to 12 that introduces them to various college courses and career paths with subjects like Welding, Farm Technology, CoBot, Creative Writing and more.

“April Crone has been organizing, planning and leading the Kids’ College program this summer. At WVU-P we appreciate it when our employees do their utmost to make this campus a vital part of our community,” said Jackson.

During the Executive Committee Report, Board Chair Joe Oliverio spoke about enrollment and the Higher Learning Commission.

Oliverio said Summer course enrollment was up 30% and Fall enrollment is on track to maintain previous levels of enrollment. He also said WVU Parkersburg received a formal letter from the HLC, stating that the college’s accreditation will be continued for the next 10 years.

The board unanimously approved a resolution to terminate the Certificate of Applied Science Pharmacy Technician Program.

Jackson said that although they are terminating this program in the Nursing and Health Sciences Division, the division will see substantial growth in the future. WVU Parkersburg is adding a Radiology Technician program, bringing back the Surgical Technician program and partnering with BridgeValley Community & Technical College to provide students with an EMS Certificate.

The next WVU Parkersburg Board of Governors meeting will take place August 27, 2024.