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WVU Parkersburg rolls out new mobile welding lab to bring on-site training to area businesses

West Virginia University at Parkersburg’s Workforce & Economic Development Division is rolling out a welding lab on wheels to meet a growing need for area businesses to provide on-site training and testing to welders. The mobile welding lab will be unveiled at a ribbon cutting ceremony conducted by the Chamber of Commerce of the Mid-Ohio Valley at 11 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 25, at Hino Motors.

The welding lab, designed by WVU Parkersburg welding program faculty and staff, has the capability to transport four welding units, a bench grinder, and a generator to run all electric, tools, and lights to a company’s worksite. In addition, the lab is fully stocked with a toolbox and personal protective equipment needed for welding, such as welding jackets, safety glasses, welding hoods and more. Training will be provided by instructors in the college’s Workforce & Economic Development Division.

The purchase of the welding equipment was made possible through a Rapid Response Advance Grant from the West Virginia Community and Technical College System to address the state’s workforce needs.

“Being able to bring on-site quality welding training to industry partners in our seven-county service region saves our partners time and money,” said Michele Wilson, executive director, WVU Parkersburg Workforce & Economic Development. “We are excited to let companies know that our mobile welding lab is open for business. We are also thankful for the West Virginia Community and Technical College System who make these projects possible.”

WVU Parkersburg’s Workforce & Economic Development Division offers local businesses, industries and organizations a variety of training opportunities designed to increase employee productivity and efficiency, helping them to maximize profits.

Local businesses interested in scheduling the mobile welding lab may contact WVU Parkersburg’s Workforce & Economic Development Division at 304-424-8383 to learn more.

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