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WVU Parkersburg Professional Studies division announces Spring 2023 clinical teacher candidates

Parkersburg, W.Va. (Jan. 25, 2023) – West Virginia University at Parkersburg is proud to announce its Spring 2023 clinical teacher candidates.

The WVU Parkersburg Elementary Education program provides field experience in the classroom as early as the freshman year. With the traditional student teaching model, teacher candidates spend a semester in two classrooms and quickly assume teaching responsibilities under the mentorship of an experienced teacher until they are teaching full-time. The new residency model places teacher candidates in one classroom for their entire senior year, and they assume responsibilities more gradually.

“We are extremely proud of our student teacher and Residency I and II candidates. Our teacher candidates have spent countless hours preparing for this semester,” stated Dr. Bobbi Marshall, Dean of Professional Studies. “Coursework is completed, national exams have been passed, numerous lesson plans have been written—They are now prepared to take on the responsibility of educating our state’s most important resource – our children.”

The Spring 2023 class of students in Residency 1 includes:

Kailey Elliott

Jordan Flinn

Mikayla Gessel

Amanda Gist

Abigail Homan

Cody Moore

Anthony Perry

Jonathan Zuniga

Student Teacher not pictured: Abby Anderson

Front row: Mikayla Gessel, Amanda Gist, Jordan Flinn, and Kailey Elliott
Back row: Cody Moore, Abigail Homan, Johnathan Zuniga, and Anthony Perry. (Student Teacher Abby Anderson is not pictured.)

The Spring 2023 class of students in Residency 2 and student teacher includes:

Emily Hatfield

Sierra Backus

Madi Ball

Olivia Dailey

Megan Dennis (Student Teacher)

Lexis Hill

Heather Lawson

Sierra Runner

Ashley Ward

Staclyn White

Not pictured: Jessica Perkins

Front row: Emily Hatfield, Lexis Hill, Heather Lawson, Ashley Ward and Sierra Runner.
Back row: Madi Ball, Sierra Backus, Olivia Dailey, Megan Dennis, and Staclyn White. (Jessica Perkins is not pictured.)

To learn more about the Elementary Education program, please visit

Contact Roberta Marshall at or 304-424-8000 ext. 442 to start a career in Elementary Education or Child Development.