College Needs


Scholarships help students seeking higher education, who might otherwise be unable to attain it. With the help of many charitable donors, the Foundation is able to provide approximately 200 hundred scholarship awards each year. Over the past five years, over $850,000 has been provided to WVU Parkersburg students in need.

An endowed scholarship can link a donor’s name, or the name of someone honored in perpetuity to generations of graduates.

Scholarships can be tailored to the type of asset used and to the donor’s preferred selection criteria to ensure that it helps the kind of student they want to impact. All parameters of the scholarship are defined in a signed agreement between the donor and the Foundation.

Endowed scholarship donors receive a report on the status of their scholarships each January. These reports will provide an update on the endowment and the students who they’ve impacted. Donors are also featured in the Foundation Annual Report and receive thank you letters from the scholars they help.

Donors can also establish an annual scholarship, awarded to qualifying students, each year in the dollar value they provide. A minimum pledge of $2,000 a year for five years is required to start a new annual scholarship. As with an endowed scholarship, the donor can define the awarding parameters.

Emergency Help

Whenever an emergency arises the Foundation helps with unexpected costs so students can focus on their education first and foremost, giving them the best chances for success.

The emergency fund assists students with the cost of books, utilities, internet access, child care, car repairs, rent, and even mortgage payments. A donation to this fund can help students when they need it most – in their time of greatest need.

It’s hard to focus on long term goals when you are focusing on basic needs. When faced with these challenges, it becomes too easy to sacrifice education over all else. Donating to this fund can truly make all the difference in the world to a struggling student.

Faculty Support

Help the college reach the next level of program excellence for our students by filling the financial gap left by reduced state funding and low tuition rates. The Foundation carries funds to support faculty projects, development and classroom needs outside what the college can provide.

Strategic Opportunities

The Foundation is always seeking new ways to respond to the workforce needs of our community. If you have ideas to share and would like to partner with the Foundation to provide funding for program, workforce, or project support to the college, we want to hear from you!

Need Help?

If you have a need pertaining to faculty, staff or student support you would like to share, please contact the Foundation at