Instructional Innovation Committee

Instructional Innovation Committee

The charge of the Instructional Innovation Committee is to assist the Center for Instructional Innovation in carrying out its mission and to help chart its future direction.

The Instructional Innovation Committee promotes the delivery of engaging learning opportunities by participating in quality reviews of online courses, developing digital lectures and program orientation and informational videos, and supporting the adoption of point-to-point and web conferencing. Participants will work to create sample multimedia resources and video and web conferencing best practices to model behavior for the larger faculty body.

Expectations may include: advising the CII on developing and implementing policies and procedures; advocating for the recognition of teaching; supporting faculty development efforts in pedagogy and instructional technology; serving as mentors for other faculty by modeling the use of instructional technologies; reviewing proposals for instructional grants and programs; reviewing online courses; and advising the Director on other matters as appropriate.



Kyle Lancaster, Chair

Majeda Al Waked

Sheri Barker

Christi Calvert

Danielle Curry

Norma DePriest

Jared Gump

Melody Hatfield

Logan Mace

Dave Thompson

Jenny Waters