Ascend Frequently Asked Questions

If you have applied by the priority deadline, June 1, 2021, offers will begin June 8, 2021. Applications completed after June 1, 2021, will be notified on an on-going process after June 8, 2021.

Final acceptance into the program will take place at the Ascend Summer Institute signing ceremony. At that time, you will be asked for your commitment to fully participate and complete your Ascend-approved program within the required timeframe.

To make sure we have a full cohort, Ascend will accept students from Ascend-approved majors who completed the application process, until the first week of Fall semester 2021 and Spring semester 2022. Students may only apply one time and if they are not selected cannot apply for any other semester. This is due to the requirements of the ongoing research study of the benefits of the Ascend program.

The criteria for selection requires that applicants:
• Complete all application steps for WVU Parkersburg for full-time enrollment in an Ascend-approved major
• Complete the application for Ascend
• Qualify for in-state residency status (Ohio qualifies for in-state tuition)
• Apply for and accept all federal and state grants and scholarships and
• Engage in recruitment activities such as Information Sessions and Summer Institute.
• Selected to participate in Ascend through the lottery-like process.

Yes, you will be eligible to participate in Ascend, but you would not qualify for the tuition and fees waiver. You would, however, be eligible for textbook assistance. Students who have not previously received financial aid will still be required to submit the FAFSA and state grant applications every year to remain eligible for the program.

Block courses are courses in which all of the students in the class are participating in Ascend or some of the seats are reserved for Ascend students.

Students with priority registration permission will be able to register for classes earlier. See your Ascend advisor to find out when your priority registration date is and to receive help in scheduling classes.

Ascend students can pick up their monthly Kroger card from the Business Office once they receive a certificate from the Ascend Office. You will receive your card if you have participated in expected advising, tutoring, career services tasks and participated in other Ascend enrichment activities.

Ascend students must use their textbook assistance at the WVU Parkersburg Bookstore. If offered, Ascend will pay for book rentals first. The bookstore will help you get the books you need. They should be able to see that you qualify for textbook assistance. Federal grants and scholarships will be used before Ascend funds, and the assistance only covers textbooks.

Nope. Just your time and participation in Ascend activities.

Students who choose to not engage in Ascend activities and meetings are at risk of losing their eligibility to remain in Ascend and from receiving Ascend benefits.

As long as you can finish within the agreed timeframe (three years since first enrolling in Ascend) and it’s an Ascend-approved major, you may continue to participate in the program. Meet with your Ascend advisor for more information and to discuss your options prior to changing your major.

Please do not drop any classes without speaking with your Ascend advisor. If you are struggling in any course, please let us know. We can align you with resources that may help you succeed in the course or identify options that lead to your success.

Students receiving Ascend benefits must make academic progress which entails completing courses and earning a minimum 2.0 GPA. Students who do not earn a 2.0 may not continue in the program. Exceptions may be made due to extenuating circumstances, but must be approved by the Ascend director in consultation with your Ascend advisor.

As an Ascend student, you are expected to complete your certificate or associate degree at West Virginia University at Parkersburg as part of your commitment to our program and graduate within three years.

Ascend students commit to full-time enrollment. The Ascend Director may approve exceptions to the full-time enrollment requirement (12 or 15 credits/semester) due to the circumstances below, and should be documented and communicated to the Business Office and Financial Aid Directors:

• Student has completed all other degree requirements and has less than 12 credits towards their degree left in their last semester;
• Student’s academic map calls for fewer credit hours;
• Required courses are canceled or not available;
• Student is experiencing documented special circumstances discussed with their advisor that necessitate a short-term drop to part-time status; and/or
• Self-identified student is granted an accommodation for a reduced course load approved by the college’s Accessibility Office.

Students in Ascend commit to enroll in only the approved majors and once Ascend students complete their degree, they will no longer be eligible for Ascend funding. Students, however, can continue on to any bachelor’s program at WVU Parkersburg or any other college that admits them.

Early College students are not eligible for the program until they have earned a diploma or GED. Early College student participants who have fewer than 30 college credit hours and enroll in an Ascend-approved major will be eligible to participate in Ascend once they become full-time college students at WVU Parkersburg.