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WVU Parkersburg Student Earns Paid Film Internship

Parkersburg, W.Va. (March 8, 2022) –  Film production is commonly thought of as being exclusive to Hollywood, but not for WVU Parkersburg Digital Communication student Thomas Hearn. Hearn recently attained a paid internship on a local film production as a sound recordist and assistant sound engineer.

The film is called “Precognito,” and it is being written and produced by Brian Bennett of Marietta, Ohio. The production will take place in both Marietta and Parkersburg, W.Va.

“I feel very proud of myself for attaining the internship, and I am excited to see what I can accomplish,” Hearn said. “I am still as hungry or driven as I was before I applied for the position. I am sure it will all settle in during filming, or afterward, once I have finished production.”

He continued, “I applied for the position due to my love for production and my need to improve my resume for my future communications/media career. I hope to gain professional work experience, mainly experience working on a team media project like ‘Precognito.’ I also want to network with other people who share similar interests to me.”

Hearn plans on finishing undergraduate school with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Communication and Media Studies. After graduation, he plans on attending graduate school to enhance his knowledge of communications and media.

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