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WVU Parkersburg holds 2023 Fall Commencement

WVU Parkersburg holds 2023 Fall Commencement

WVU Parkersburg held its annual fall commencement ceremony on Saturday, December 16, 2023, at 10:30 a.m., in its College Activities Center.

Kevin Smith, Alumni and Manager of Distribution Systems at Appalachian Power, served as the keynote speaker.

Smith encouraged the Fall 2023 class of graduates that being themselves would help carry them through life.

“Just be yourself, that’s why you’re here today and that is what has brought you to this celebration of this great accomplishment,” said Smith. “Take what you’ve learned and apply it, prepare well for interviews and even dress up a little for the occasion, but just be yourself and then hang on for the ride that follows.”

Smith earned his associate degree in 2019, and a Bachelor’s in Supervisory Management in 2021, both from WVU Parkersburg. He is currently pursuing a Master’s of Executive Leadership from Liberty University. He is a Roanoke, Va. native, but currently lives in Lynchburg, Va. with his wife, Sarah, and their two kids, Kaitlin and Macon.

WVU Parkersburg President Dr. Torie Jackson reminded the graduating class that they would always have a support system behind them.

“While you were here at WVUP, we hope you learned in your classes, but we also hope that you realized that you have a support system beyond that of your family and friends. You have a campus of supporters that are here to celebrate your success today and that will continue to be WVU Parkersburg Proud of all of your future accomplishments,” said Jackson. “We believe in you!”

She continued, “Think of new and innovative ways to do things, agree to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to accomplish those dreams knowing that we’re here to have your back.”

 Over 100 graduates crossed the stage, with 292 students earning certificate, associate and bachelor’s degrees, pending final grades.

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