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WVU Parkersburg Business Students Earn Global Top 100 Ranking in Competition

Parkersburg, W.Va. (April 12, 2022) – WVU Parkersburg business students in the Business Policy capstone course have earned Global Top 100 rankings in the Business Strategy Game (BSG), a worldwide marketplace competition.

The BSG is an online exercise where classrooms across the country run a company in a head-to-head competition. Like the real world, the companies compete in a global market arena, selling goods, analyzing revenue-cost-profit economics, assessing stock market prices and more.

“There are several lessons that can be learned from playing this game over the weeks,” said WVU Parkesburg student James White. “I learned a lot about projecting demand and predicting what the competition might do. However, the best thing I learned is how to adapt.”

White is pursuing an Associate of Science in Business Administration with the goal of continuing his education, earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting and Financial Management.

He is also the manager of his class’ company. The team is comprised of Jason Bechtle, Justine Smith, Rachel Snyder, Kailynn Taylor and Victoria Walls.

Companies are measured on four performance variables every week – Overall Score, Earnings Per Share (EPS), Return on Average Equity (ROE), and stock price. Currently, there are 45,366 students from 442 colleges and universities in 46 countries participating.

WVU Parkersburg students have earned a Global Top 100 ranking for their company’s BSG performance five weeks in a row. In addition, the company received 26th for best Overall Score, 8th for best EPS, 44th for best ROE and 7th for best Stock Price.

“I am so proud of our students and their excellent performance in the competition,” said Jeff Holland, WVU Parkersburg Business, Accounting and Public Service dean. “Their rankings reflect the quality instruction they have received at the college, and it shows they can apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.”

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