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West Virginia University at Parkersburg Library Director publishes fifth novel

Parkersburg, W.Va. (April 14, 2020) – West Virginia University at Parkersburg Library Director Stephen Hupp published his fifth book “On A Sunday In May.”

The novel follows the three most important races in international motorsports, which happen to occur on the same day. The Monaco Grand Prix, Indianapolis 500 and NASCAR 600-mile race are held on Memorial Day in three different locations. The book features three stories that take place at each of the events.

“Readers will find both on-track action and glimpses into the private lives of the competitors,” Hupp said.

“On a Sunday in May” is a sequel to Hupp’s first racing novel “Born to the Breed,” which is about an aspiring NASCAR driver. He has also published three supernatural books: “Daughter of the Valley” and “Wings in the Night,” which are based in the Mid-Ohio Valley, as well as “Of Gods and Spirits.” All are available on Amazon.

Hupp has served as the library director for WVU Parkersburg since 2001. He is currently working on his sixth novel, which he plans to publish in the summer of 2021.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Hupp has put his author events on hold. The races featured in the book have also been canceled or postponed.

“On a Sunday in May” can be purchased as an e-book or paperback on Amazon.

For more information, contact Stephen Hupp at

3 thoughts on “West Virginia University at Parkersburg Library Director publishes fifth novel

  1. Hi Stephen. I haven’t seen you in twenty years since the last time I was at WVU Parkersburg and I am not sure you will even remember me studing in your library. I came back to WVU Parkersburg to earn my bachelors after a battle with cancer. I am in remission with preventative medicine. I am looking forward in purchasing your book for I have seen nascar and Indy 500 races. Please let me know when you have your book available for purchase for I would like you to sign it as the author. I will look you up when we ever get back to the school. Respectfully, Candy Summers, Pyles

  2. Hello:
    Thank you for the message. The book is available through Amazon as an ebook and a paperback. I am happy to sign it when opportunity allows.A Again, thank you.

    Stephen Hupp

  3. Hello Stephen, I am pleased to know that you are still at WVUP and making a great contribution to faculty, staff, students and the community. I now recall that you drove a car that was more than a cut above my grandmother’s Studebaker. I am pleased to know that interest in cars has motivated you to share it with others. Best regards, Joe Badgley.

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