Due to updates in federal and institutional policy, WVU Parkersburg takes attendance in all courses. The amount of financial aid you receive will depend on your attendance record for that semester. Failure to attend college courses will result in a loss of financial aid connected to those courses.

NOTE: It is your professors who determine if you are attending. You must contact your professors if you are reported as not attending.

For example, if for the fall semester you have registered for 12 credit hours and your professors report you as only attending six of those 12, then you will be dropped from those credit hours you are not attending, and will only receive financial aid for those six credit hours you are attending. You will not receive a “W” on your transcript, and you will not be charged tuition or fees for those classes from which you are deregistered.

Fees are not refundable.

Before you are deregistered from classes for which you are reported as not attending, you will receive a warning through your email address and a chance to confirm your status with your professor before you would be deregistered.

Since we cannot disburse financial aid until we have confirmed your attendance, the first refunds for financial aid will be ready during the fifth week of the semester. If for some reason your refund is not ready at that point, we do continue to process throughout the entire semester.

This delay in refund disbursement means that you will have an extended period of time to charge books and supplies against your financial aid at the Barnes and Noble bookstore on campus. Eligible students may charge from the Monday before classes begin until the Thursday of the fourth week of class.

If you have any questions please contact the following:


For Financial Aid Eligibility: Email

For Attendance, contact your specific professors: 304-424-8000 or call JCC at 372-6992

For Refund Processing and Billing Questions: 304-424-8223