HVAC/R Beginner's Course HVAC/R Beginner’s Course

HVAC/R Beginner’s Course

February 16 – May 18, 2023 | Tuesdays & Thursdays

6 p.m. – 9 p.m.

WVU Parkersburg


This is a course designed to take an individual that has little to no experience in Residential Heating and Cooling and give them the necessary knowledge and ability to take a job and understand the basic fundamentals of the install as well as the service and maintenance of a system.

HVAC Beginners Course Topics

  • Safety/Tools
  • Terms and language
  • How Your Home Works
  • Basic Theory and Sequence of Operations
  • Refrigeration Circuit/Cycle
  • Heat Pump/Condenser, Sequence of Operation
  • Gas Furnace Cycle/Electric Heat
  • Gas Furnace Sequence of Operation
  • Basic Installation Practices and Procedures
  • Disconnect and Reclaim Process for outdoor units
  • High and low voltage wiring for outdoor units
  • Brazing with nitrogen and why
  • Using a vacuum pump and why
  • Maintenance/Basic Troubleshooting
  • Why is maintenance important
  • Tools involved in completing maintenance
  • Process/check list for completing maintenance
  • Basic troubleshooting steps in gas furnaces and AC’s
  • EPA Certification Test
HVAC/R Beginners Course Syllabus
  • Soft skills/Customer Service
  • Basic customs and courtesies
  • Getting our customers involved
  • Good housekeeping habits
Course Student Learning Outcomes
Certified in HVAC/R Beginners Course
Makeup, Missed or Late Work: Must work with Coordinator and Instructor.

Attendance: Each facetoface class period is required.

Call 304.424.8275 or email Martha.Leeson@wvup.edu to register today!