Savannah Jeffers

I’m an alum of WVU Parkersburg twice over and began attending WVU at Parkersburg when I was just 16 years old, in 2001. I just finished my second degree, and I’ve come to the conclusion that you are indeed never too old to learn and that your experiences are what you make of them.

I first graduated in 2004 with an Associate of Applied Science in Journalism and in 2019 with a Regent’s Bachelor of Arts. Both times I had many wonderful experiences at WVU Parkersburg and feel so lucky to have attended such an excellent school.

While working toward my associate degree, I was a recipient of the Nancy Hickel Memorial Scholarship and essentially earned my AAS degree for free. When I returned in January 2018, I found the college still offered affordable, flexible programs that I could also fit into my working-single-mom-schedule.

Over the years, I’ve met some fantastic people that I will stay connected with for the rest of my life. These include my excellent advisors Dr. Torie Jackson, Oliva Reeder, and Kim McFee. Kim has even been helping me prepare for a master’s degree program.

Even though I’m 15 years older than a lot of the students that I met as a returning student, I made a ton of friends in my classes with whom I’ll always stay connected.

As a resident of Wood County, I appreciate the strides the college and President Gilmer have made to ensure that WVU at Parkersburg is involved in the activities and goings-on in the area. His zest for life and our community certainly shows throughout the community.

I am very proud of the college and its progress in the Mid-Ohio Valley, which has been my home my entire life. I talk a great deal with my clients about how proud I am to be locally educated at WVU Parkersburg and recommend the college as a resource to them too.