Rebecca Dimit

I’m a third-generation alum of WVU Parkersburg – my parents and grandparents attended too! I knew the college was affordable and close to home, providing the best’ deal’ in getting core classes out of that way as I worked towards selecting a career.

As it turned out, I was able to get all the schooling I needed for the profession I chose at WVU Parkersburg and graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with an accounting specialization.

I took my first classes part-time as a high school senior in 1996 and then enrolled full-time starting in the fall of 1997. I worked non-stop at my degree with summer classes and by taking extra courses along the way and graduated in less than four years. I also took the additional courses needed at WVU Parkersburg to obtain a ‘master’s equivalence’ in accounting to meet the requirements to sit for the CPA exam.

Through the co-op program via WVU Parkersburg, I was also hired as an intern at a local accounting firm. After I graduated, they offered me a full-time position.

As life changed, so did my work schedule. In 2011, with two small children to care for, I needed my work to be more flexible, so my husband and I opened Dimit Accounting.

Our firm grew quickly and offers multiple services, including bookkeeping, tax preparation, payroll, and consulting services. We’ve also added auditing services to help not-for-profit organizations because we have a passion for assisting the organizations that provide resources to better serve our community.

When it comes to education, my personal and professional advice is borrow as little as possible for college. Education is an extremely wise investment in your future, but it should not cost more than you will be able to earn in the first year or two after graduation. Local colleges, like WVU Parkersburg, almost always offer the most cost-effective ways to minimize student loan debt. I recommend the college if you’ll looking for the best “deal” around for a quality education.