Strategic Communication Major

Strategic Communication

Strategic communication students focus on the meld of good communication and planning with an organization. The term strategic communication is an umbrella term meant to include a variety of communication-related professions, such as public relations, branding, advertising and more. Our students are capable of recognizing a good idea or project. They see potential in stories and in people who initiate them. They will have the ability to articulate a plan, an argument, even a vision as the power of communication serves as both an informational and persuasive tool. Overall, they can organize all of these aspects into a clear and succinct plan that involves fulfilling an organization’s mission.

The program is firmly rooted in practical experience, and students will have internships throughout their entire academic career. Students may also study specialized course areas such as broadcast news writing, digital imaging, graphic design and multimedia reporting. These courses equip students to successfully complete internships with local weekly and daily newspapers, advertising agencies, radio and television stations, graphic design firms and public relations departments at local businesses and industries. This program also allows students to apply to be a cast member with the Disney College Program.


Associate of Applied Science in Strategic Communication

This program is a valuable transfer degree that enables you to write and synthesize information into coherent pieces; demonstrate an appreciation of theory and practice of visual communication, photojournalism, online media and digital media; formulate questions and develop principled conclusions in interviewing sources and covering public affairs and uphold the responsibilities of a free press with commitment to accuracy, fairness, depth and social conscience.



Bachelor of Applied Science in Communication and Media Studies with a concentration in Strategic Communication

This is a four-year program that prepares students for a career in advertising, marketing, public relations or corporate management. The curriculum concentrates on the relationship between organizational communication and the globalized market. You will learn theories and best practices to solve real-world problems by developing effective communication strategies. You will also be introduced to social media strategies and metrics.


What can I do with this degree?

If you want to work in broadcasting, journalism, public relations, human resources, advertising or graphic design, the Strategic Communication program can help you launch a successful career. Once you complete the program, you will be ready to pursue a career in positions that require strategic thinking and planning, project management, content creation and leadership.

Human Resources Professional

Event Planner

Multimedia Reporter


Public Relations Specialist

Social Media Manager


Estimated rates for the current academic year. Additional course fees may apply and rates are subject to change.

WV & OH Residents

Per Credit Hour

$160 - $221

Per Semester

$1,920 - $2,652

Fall & Spring Semesters

$3,840 - $5,304


Per Credit Hour

$358 - $382

Per Semester

$4,296 - $4,584

Fall & Spring Semesters

$8,592 - $9,168

High School Students

Per Credit Hour


Per Semester


Fall & Spring Semesters


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