Strategic Recruitment Plan

Strategic Recruitment Plan

West Virginia University at Parkersburg’s vision is to be the region’s premier college recognized for quality education, commitment to student empowerment, workforce collaboration, and community involvement. The development of an Enrollment and Recruitment Management Plan has been identified as a strategic planning goal for West Virginia University at Parkersburg (WVU-P). This Strategic Recruitment Plan (SRP) is grounded in a renewal of the college’s dedication to its vision and building a strong enrollment foundation supportive of the new college-wide Strategic Plan, to be created as the next step of this process and to flow from this document when finalized.


Below are several opportunities and conduits for feedback:

You may provide written feedback to Dr. Steven Smith.

You may invite Dr. Steven Smith to meet with any campus constituency group.

You may request a meeting with either Dr. Steven Smith or President Chris Gilmer to discuss suggestions or concerns.

We will host a series of town hall style meetings in the very near future to solicit feedback from the University community and the communities we serve in public forum.

The plan will be detailed for the Board of Governors at its next meeting.

Feedback is to be given by March 31, 2020. It will then be incorporated into a final version which will become our strategic recruitment plan for fall 2020 and beyond and shared with the community no later than April 30, 2020.