Coronavirus Response FAQ


Classes for Summer 2020 have not been cancelled; the format for all courses will be online. Your instructor will contact you with more information.

Fall 2020 information will be posted shortly.

As of Wednesday, March 18, 2020, buildings at both Parkersburg and Jackson County locations are closed to the general public. All instruction and business operations are currently conducted online.

As of March 19, the Easy Rider Bus System is available to the public but is recommending all passengers postpone non-essential travel.
For up to date information, please visit
*Easy Rider is not endorsed or supported by WVU Parkersburg.

For Students

Instructors will be contacting students in the near future as they make adjustments to the courses. Make sure to monitor Blackboard and your WVU Parkersburg student email account.

Academic advisors will be available by phone and email. Please check your OLSIS account to determine who your advisor is. Tutoring services are available through Brainfuse, 24 hours per day. Please refer to the website, for log-in details. Additional tutoring will be available through Zoom with peer tutors. Arrangements may be made through the Tutoring Center at, or by calling 304.424.8278.

Yes, students currently receiving academic accommodations authorized by the Center for Student Support Services (Disability/Accessibility Services) are expected to continue to receive accommodations; however, the student should contact Kurt Klettner at 304-424-8388 if any modifications are thought to be needed.

Students authorized to have a test reader and still desiring the accommodation/service will need to contact the Center for Student Support Services for special arrangements.

Students who may not yet have requested accommodations, and under the circumstances now desire to do so, will need to contact the Center for Student Support Services (304-424-8378) to receive further instructions on how to do so.

NOTE: The Instructor/Professor is not permitted to provide academic “accommodations” for a student without proper authorization from Kurt Klettner, Executive Director Student Support Services (Disability/Accessibility Counselor).

Please contact the Center for Student Support at 304-424-8378 for more information or to address specific questions or concerns.

As we continue online classes for the Summer 2020 semester, it is important for you to stay in contact with your instructors. Also know you have access to many free tools to help aid your academic journey, including:

• Blackboard Learn Orientation
• Zoom
• IT Help Desk
• GSuite applications (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and more) accessible through your WVU Parkersburg email account
• Drive-up Wifi access in the Upper, ATC and Workforce & Economic Development parking lots as well as in front of the main entrance. Please remember to bring your devices fully charged, practice social distancing by staying in your vehicle and do not block any roadways while using the Wifi.
• West Virginia Wifi locations can be found at
• Wood County Schools Wifi locations: Students may go to any Wood County school campus between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. to use the guest network. Please follow social distancing guidance while utilizing the internet on school campuses. To access Wifi, use GUEST USERNAME: students and GUEST NETWORK PASSWORD: woodcountylearn.

Please contact the Testing Center Coordinator at 304-424-8254 or at Please phone ahead as many exams have been cancelled on the national level.

You will need to contact your supervisor to determine if you are to report to work.

Please contact the appropriate division office for specific information:

  • – Education (Elementary Education, Child Development) 304-424-8314
  • – Nursing and Health Sciences (Nursing, Surgical Technology) 304-424-8300
  • – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (Welding, Chemical Polymer Technology, etc.) 304-424-8299

If you participate in Co-Op, please contact your supervising faculty member.

For Faculty/Staff

Please contact your supervisor to determine if you need to report to work or to discuss your work schedule.

Do NOT report to work. Alert your medical provider by calling. Contact your supervisor to let them know as well.

Please contact the Center for Instructional Innovation at 304-424-294 or 304-424-8312 for assistance.

  • 1. Students currently authorized to receive accommodations: Continue providing authorized applicable accommodations when possible. Consult with Kurt Klettner, Executive Director Student Support Services (Disability/Accessibility Counselor) with any questions.*
  • 2. Students not yet authorized academic accommodations and who self-identify as now needing accommodations under the change in class delivery should be referred to the Center for Student Support Services.*

NOTE: Faculty consults and/or student inquiries will be responded to as soon as is practical. In addition to the use of emails, Kurt has established a temporary system within the Center for Student Support Services that will allow him the ability to respond to telephone conversations during off hours via cellular service. A call to his office number of 304-424-8388 will automatically be redirected to his office cellular phone regardless of day and/or time.

The campus is currently closed to faculty, staff and students. All rooms on the campus are being disinfected with hospital-grade disinfectant.

Please consult with your supervisor regarding students who work on campus.

For Prospective Students and Parents

As the campus is closed to the general public as of March 18, 2020, any visits to campus or campus tours are not available.

Yes, while we’d like to see our Riverhawks on campus, we ask that you take a look at our virtual campus

It doesn’t! You can complete an admissions application online at our website. Register for Fall 2020 now!

Please monitor our website for more information.

Questions Regarding University Events

Yes. All scheduled events held at either campus location have been cancelled or postponed until further notice.

At this time, intramural events and activities occurring on campus are cancelled. However, look out for various virtual opportunities to engage with WVU Parkersburg.

Questions Regarding University Travel

At this time, all University travel outside of the State of West Virginia has been suspended until further notice.

If you have travel that you feel is critical to the mission of WVUP you may petition the President’s office for approval. However, our primary concern is your safety and that of the University population so we do not expect that any University business will be important to place you in harm’s way.

All University travel outside of the State of West Virginia, including that of students participating in University related events, has been suspended indefinitely.

Currently, WVUP cannot govern whether you personally chose to travel. However, it is not recommended and there may come a time when we would ask you to self quarantine for 14 days prior to visiting any of our locations.

Per guidance issued by the Governor, no meetings of more than 10 people are permitted on our campuses.

Currently, it is allowable but please check to make sure that your meeting is still taking place and be sure to follow the required social distancing protocol.