Many ways are available to leave an education Legacy to benefit WVU Parkersburg. Please contact our office at 304-424-8340 or foundation@wvup.edu for more information.

If you would like to include the college in your will, you may want to designate your gift to be used immediately or you may want to endow the funds. When funds are endowed, the principal of the gift remains entact in perpetuity. A percentage of the interest earned on the endowment is paid to the donor’s designated fund on an annual basis.

The WVU at Parkersburg Foundation offers a wide variety of options for donors to assign the future use of their funds, including:

Student Scholarships

Academic Program Support Funds

Library Support Funds

Faculty or Staff Development Funds

Student Actvities, including travel abroad and athletics

Lecture and Cultural Series Funds

Campus Improvement Funds

Capital Projects and Naming Opportunities

Unrestricted Funds