WVU Parkersburg celebrates 35 nursing program graduates at pinning ceremony

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West Virginia University at Parkersburg held its spring nursing pinning ceremony on Saturday, May 5 at 1:30 p.m. in the College Activities Center. The pinning ceremony honors students who have completed graduation requirements for the Associate of Applied Science in Nursing degree at WVU Parkersburg.

The ceremony included greetings from Kathy Frum, Interim Director of Nursing, and nursing program graduate Sonya Jones.

“The pinning ceremony is an honored nursing school tradition full of symbolism,” said Nursing and Health Sciences Associate Professor Kathy Frum. “We have prepared clinically-safe graduates who are culturally-competent, have strong critical thinking skills, display professionalism in the workplace and practice morally, ethically and legally.”

Faculty members presented graduates with pins, which was followed by a candle lighting ceremony and the reciting of the “Florence Nightingale Pledge.”

The practice of pinning new graduates dates back to the 1860s when Florence Nightingale was awarded the Red Cross of St. George.

Spring 2018 nursing graduates include:

  • Amber Alexander
  • Traci Bowen
  • Katlyn Bowman
  • Dakota Britton
  • Kristen Clark
  • Ashley Cunningham
  • Vanessa Duffield
  • Klaire Garnes
  • Tyler Green
  • Natasha Hart
  • Sonya Jones
  • Karlee Lane
  • Ashley Lewis
  • Sasha Lewis
  • Jessica Lipscomb
  • Christina Livingston
  • Shiloh Mace
  • Megan Marchland
  • Chelsy Martin
  • Emily Martin
  • Tasha Montgomery
  • Aimee Morris
  • Carissa Pauley
  • Samantha Pena
  • Jordanne Pritt
  • Lauren Raney
  • Emily Rhodes
  • Kaitlin Ritchie
  • Kelsey Rose
  • Miriam Sayre
  • Hannah Sheppard
  • Katherine Simmons
  • Angela Stewart
  • Breana Swisher
  • Shelly Thomas

This year, the pinning ceremony also takes place during National Nurses Week, which begins on May 6 and ends on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

Visit www.wvup.edu for more information on WVU Parkersburg.

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