WVU Parkersburg announces student teachers for Spring 2016

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West Virginia University at Parkersburg’s Education Division is pleased to announce its Spring 2016 student teachers.

“This is a new beginning for twenty-four individuals who are entering into their semester of student teaching,” said David Lancaster, Chairperson of the Education & Humanities Division at WVU Parkersburg. “The faculty believes all the students are ready for this milestone in their lives. The most inspiring aspect of this day to me is how Education has changed the lives of these WVUP students, and now these student teachers have the opportunity to change hundreds of young students’ lives with the most powerful weapon in the world, education.”

WVU Parkersburg’s teacher preparation program emphasizes the practical model. The model focuses on the theoretical, development and technological aspects of the knowledge base that are prerequisites to the daily demands required to be a professional educator in a school environment. The program’s conceptual framework, Architects of the Future, prepares an educator who applies his/her skills and knowledge to shape and construct the future by educating tomorrow’s leaders.

Photo 1
Wood County
Front row, left to right: Kelly Flanagan, Jesslyn McLain, Sarah DuVall, Goldy Bailey, Amber Boggs.
Back row, left to right: James Bower, Kaity Eaton, Brittany Pribble, Ashley Boggs, Whitney Currence, Brian Flanagan.

Photo 2
Jackson County
Front row, left to right: Samantha Faber, Emily Lehew, Stephanie Gruber.
Back row, left to right: Shayla Whitman, Lindsay Bird, Janie Sinnett, Brandi Munday.

Photo 3
Pleasants County
Left to right: Kyle Lancaster, Racheal Stotts.

Photo 4
Ritchie County
Left to right: Mykayla Garrett, Ashley Snyder.

Photo 5
Wirt County
Left to right: TylerAnn Jones, Maria Klingshirn.

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