National Career Pathways Network Workshop

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WVU Parkersburg will be hosting a National Career Pathways Network (NCPN) Workshop on two important topics:  Adult Career Pathways and Reinvigorating Business and Industry Advisory Committees in a Career Pathways System. The workshop presenter is Dr. Debbie Mills, Director of the National Career Pathways Network and Vice President of Partnerships of CORD.

Date: Thursday, April 17, 2014
Time: 9 am – 3 pm
Cost: $30 for MOVTP Consortium members, $50 for non-members
Registration: Please scroll down and complete the registration form on this page.

Payment will be accepted at the workshop site Thursday, April 17.

Workshop Information

  • Introduction to Adult Career Pathways (ACP): This one-day workshop is designed to help community college administrators, faculty, and staff find solutions to problems that prevent many adults from obtaining the education that today’s workplace demands. The workshop challenges a broad spectrum of community college personnel to work together in providing leadership for ACP systems. Many practical strategies and examples are shared. The session includes background information and statistics, active discussion, and group work in which participants begin to develop their own ACP plans.
  • Reinvigorating Business/Industry Advisory Committees in a Career Pathways System: This workshop focuses on the need for effective partnerships between educational institutions and employers. The workplace knowledge and resources provided by committee members helps to ensure that career pathways programs reflect the needs and current conditions of the workplace and that program graduates are capable of performing in the occupations for which they have trained. This workshop prepares faculty members and administrators to select, work with, and make use of advisory committees in career pathways systems. Topics include: talking to the customer; the role of advisory committees; advisory committees and Perkins IV; joint secondary and postsecondary advisory committees; governance, policy, and structure; advisory council functions; planning a program of work; communication and meetings; beyond the meeting; using communication technologies; and sustainability and special considerations.

Workshop Leader Background Information

Dr. Debbie Mills is a member of the CORD staff as the Vice President of Partnerships and Director of the National Career Pathways Network.  Mills focuses on transitions between secondary and postsecondary experiences and community engagement for the success of adult learners.  Mills has expertise in curriculum development, staff development, linkages between secondary and postsecondary institutions, community engagement, and partnerships with business, industry and labor.  Significant accomplishments at CORD include:  the development of standards-based curriculum at a state level; assisting community colleges with strategic professional development plans for staff and faculty; building partnerships in communities; development of adult career pathways projects; and numerous keynote speeches for state education conferences. Mills is a subject matter expert for the U.S. Department of Education’s Designing Programs of Instruction for Career Pathways Communities of Practice” and serves on  the National Advisory Group for the Alliance for Quality Career Pathways (AQCP) initiative (CLASP funded by Ford Foundation and James Irvine Foundation).  Previously Mills was a subject-matter expert for the DOLETA/OVAE Career Pathways Technical Assistance Initiative (2011), OVAE Rigorous Programs of Study project (2011) and the College & Career Transition Leadership Team (OVAE Project 2007).

Mills is an experienced classroom teacher (secondary & postsecondary) and a former workforce development grant administrator at the postsecondary level.  She has written or contributed to several publications and articles including College & Career Readiness Toolkit (2012); Florida Adult Education Career Pathways Toolkit (2011); Career Pathways Advisory Committees Toolkit (2011); Tech Prep: The Next Generation Planning Guide and a co-author of Adult Career Pathways:  Providing a Second Chance in Public Education (2010) and The Career Pathways Effect:  Linking Education & Economic Prosperity (2012).  In addition, Mills was a contributing author to Career Pathways:  Education with a Purpose, and The Pathways from Baghdad to Tech Prep:  A Success Story”.  Mills’ awards include the American Association of Community College’s Dale Parnell Tech Prep Award and the U.S. Department of Education’s Excellence in Tech Prep Award.  Mills completed her undergraduate degree in Career Occupations and a Masters in Technology from Eastern Illinois.

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