Placement Testing

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WVU Parkersburg offers a comprehensive testing program to determine course placement, award college credit, to aide in career development and the admissions process.

NEW: Practice Test Library at The Learning Express Library (it is free, but you will need a West Virginia public library card. Any will do.)

Course Placement Evaluation

Sometimes called placement tests, these tests are designed to diagnose the math, English and reading skills of prospective students for course placement. The evaluations are administered primarily by appointment from mid-March to the close of Fall semester registration, and again from mid-October to the close of Spring semester registration. These exams are administered on both the Jackson County Center and the Parkersburg campus.

ACCUPLACER® Student Guide – look at Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, Sentence Skills and Reading Comprehension.

AccuPlacer Math Test Prep Course

Test Prep Review– Sample tests based on Accuplacer.

Do you want to increase your chances for success?

By practicing for the Accuplacer Test you can/may succeed in several ways.

  1. The more you practice, you increase your chances of placing into college-level courses. This saves you time and money!
  2. Students who score 50% mastery on the module work for the Accuplacer test (Math or English) will receive a coupon to take the test for FREE.
  3. Students who score 100% mastery on the module work for the Accuplacer test (Math or English) will receive a FREE parking pass for the semester and will be EXEMPT from taking a developmental course (Math or English).

Stack the odds in your favor by visiting for Accuplacer practice lessons.

Phone: 304-424-8319
Office: 1210
Hours: M – F: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
300 Campus Drive; Office 1213 | Parkersburg, WV 26104


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