Regents Bachelor of Arts

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View More: Regents Bachelor of Arts (RBA) is an innovative degree program designed for adult students. It’s flexible format offers adults a chance to complete their bachelor degree in a timely manner while taking a variety of courses. The program builds on any of our associate degrees. The program provides considerable flexibility in how, when, and where the course requirements are met. RBA students do not have a time limit for completing the degree requirements, and students may earn credit through traditional college courses, standardized exams, cooperative education, institutional-based challenge exams, licensure/certification/formal training programs met through State Standardized Awards pdf, military training assessed by the American Council on Education (ACE), or by portfolio review.

The RBA Program operates on the same level of academic quality as other, more traditionally structured baccalaureate degree programs, and students entering the RBA Program are entitled to the same privileges as other WVU at Parkersburg students. They are eligible for financial aid, scholarships, awards, and the use of college facilities, and RBA students are governed by the same basic academic regulations as other students enrolled at WVU at Parkersburg including the rules on academic forgiveness (for past poor grades), grading, probation or suspension, student rights and responsibilities.

Portfolio Development

The Regents Bachelor of Arts Degree Program differs from other baccalaureate degrees in the following aspects:

RBA students can be awarded college equivalent credit for some work and life experiences towards degree requirements, which is a unique aspect of this program. Students may develop a portfolio, which includes identified college courses and a verification section and narrative explaining their experiences. Portfolios are evaluated by college faculty and if an RBA student can demonstrate his/her existing knowledge and skills are reasonably comparable to those of college-trained students, then college equivalent credit is awarded.

For those seeking college equivalent credit through portfolio development there is an initial $300 assessment fee (regardless of the number of credit hours requested) and an additional $10 per credit hour fee for credits actually awarded and posted to the transcript.

Admission and Other Information

Admission to the RBA program is open to those who graduated from high school at least four years ago. For those passing the high school equivalency test (GED), admission is four years after their class graduated from high school. Potential students must complete an

 and submit official copies of all regionally accredited transcripts.

Almost all credits, except remedial credits, earned in the past from regionally accredited institutions are honored, although no more than 72 hours of lower-division credit from two-year community or junior colleges can count toward the bachelor’s degree. Registration and course fees are the same as those for West Virginia University at Parkersburg students.

Program Requirements

Regents Bachelor of Arts – RBA xlsx

The RBA program consists of 36 hours of “General Education” courses in the communications, humanities, social sciences, natural or physical sciences, and mathematics areas, 39 hours of “Upper-Division” (300 or 400 level) courses, and 45 hours of “Remaining” courses numbered 100 or higher for a total of 120 hours to complete the degree. To meet the program residency requirement, students are required to earn 24 credit hours from West Virginia state supported institutions of higher education.  At least 12 of the 24 credit hours must be completed at West Virginia University at Parkersburg.

Upon completion of degree requirements, students graduate from WVU at Parkersburg at regular commencement exercises, and West Virginia University at Parkersburg is identified as the institution conferring the degree.

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