Tuition and Fees

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The West Virginia University at Parkersburg Board of Governors and the West Virginia Community and Technical College Council have approved the following tuition and fees:


The deadline for pay Summer 2019 tuition and fees is May 15, 2019. Students who have not paid their tuition and fees in full or set up a payment plan with the Business Office by this date will be dropped from their classes.

Students are responsible for any tuition, fees, and any other charges not covered by financial aid or a third party payer. If you have questions about why your financial aid has not covered your balance due, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 304-424-8310. If you have questions about your third party payer, please contact the Business Office at 304-424-8233.

Details of your charges and applied financial aid are available by logging into the OLSIS online billing system. Click here to access OLSIS.

Once logged in, choose Student Records > Student Accounts > Account Detail for Term > Summer 2019. A report will list all of your charges at the top along with your authorized financial aid at the bottom. The final line on the report titled “Account Balance net of Authorized Financial Aid” indicates how much you are responsible for paying by May 15. If you do not understand the information in your OLSIS account, call the Business Office at 304-424-8223 or Financial Aid at 304-424-8310.

If you are unable to pay your balance at one time, we offer an interest free payment plan (not available to F-1 Visa International Students). To establish a valid payment plan, contact the Business Office at 304-424-8223 or stop by in person.


You pay for the first 12 hours, we pay the rest!

Unlike other area colleges, WVU Parkersburg does not charge you tuition for every credit hour you take with us. At WVU Parkersburg, you only pay for 12 credit hours per semester. Additional credit hours are paid for by the college – making more of your financial aid available for books, fees and other college expenses. You can afford WVU Parkersburg’s high-quality education. We will help you reach your dreams.

Tuition Payment Options

Tuition may be paid by cash, check, credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa) or an installment payment plan.


You can pay your tuition online by clicking here. Additional information is available from the Business Office (304-424-8223) or the Jackson County Center Office (304-372-6992).

Tuition Penalty Schedule
The Tuition Penalty Schedule is available on line with corresponding dates and penalty assessment percentages. Additional information is available by contacting the Business Office, 304-424-8223.

Financial Aid
Every attempt is made to make attending West Virginia University at Parkersburg affordable. Students have the opportunity to receive scholarships, need-based grants, loans and employment opportunities. More than 50% of all WVU at Parkersburg students receive some type of financial aid.

Ohio In-State Tuition Rate Information
West Virginia University at Parkersburg provides the opportunity for Ohio residents to attend WVU Parkersburg at in-state tuition rates. Eligibility information is available here.

Online Program In-State Tuition Rate Information
Students enrolled in RN to BSN, Early Childhood Development, and Supervisory management, as 100% online baccalaureate programs, receive in-state tuition rates. All other online class tuition would be based on the student’s state of residence.

Senior Citizens Reduced Rate
WVU at Parkersburg offers reduced tuition rates for West Virginia residents 65 years of age and older. Students may register under one of the following options:

For Credit Option
The total charges for a class taken for credit will be calculated at 50% of in-state tuition. Students will earn credits and grades for courses taken under this option.

No Credit Option
The total tuition charges for each course will be limited to $50 excluding lab fees. Students will not earn credits and grades for courses taken under this option. Registration under this option may not be changed to the Credit Option once regular registration is closed for the semester.

All students will be issued reports at the conclusion of each semester listing courses completed under both options.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Participants will be subject to all institutional rules governing students.
  • Students must meet course pre-requisites or have instructor permission to enter the class.
  • Students will be permitted to register on a space-available basis. For the purposes of this policy, space is available once priority registration is concluded.
  • Students will be required to provide proof of their age before they may register for courses under either option. A valid driver’s license may be used for this purpose.
  • Students taking courses under either option will provide an abbreviated application form.

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