Fall 2013 graduates announced

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webDSC_0967West Virginia University at Parkersburg awarded certificates, and associate and bachelor’s degrees to December 2013 graduates during commencement exercises held Friday, Dec. 13 in the College Activities Center.

Academic honors were awarded those graduates who attained a 3.50 to 3.749 grade point average, cum laude; 3.75-3.99, magna cum laude, and 4.0, summa cum laude. The WVU Parkersburg graduates included:

BARBOUR COUNTY – Belington: Deborah Marco, AAS, BOG, Cum Laude;

CALHOUN COUNTYBig Bend: Caitlyn Prusack, AAS, Nursing;

Grantsville: Crystal Frame, AAS, Criminal Justice, Cum Laude; Shannon Starcher, AAS, Business Technology;

Mount Zion: Larry Wilmoth II, CERT, Energy Assess & Mgmt Tech, Magna Cum Laude; Larry Wilmoth II, CERT, HVAC/R, Magna Cum Laude;

Orma: Rebecca Swisher, AAS, Nursing;

JACKSON COUNTYEvans: Natalie Wayne, AAS, BOG, Magna Cum Laude; Ellie Keffer, AAS, Criminal Justice;

Kenna: Amy Haynes, BS, Business Administration; David Hall, AA, General Education; Lisa Rucker, AAS, Nursing; Shanna Haynes, AA, General Education; Savanna Moore, AAS, Nursing;

Le Roy: Nathan Heis, AAS, BOG; Nathan Heis, RBA,;

Millwood: Kevin Whitmore, AAS, BOG, Cum Laude;

Murraysville: Danielle Knicely, BS, Business Administration;

Ravenswood: April Cooper, AAS, BOG; Tammy Hatcher, AAS, Nursing; Miranda Stark, AAS, Business Administration; Elaina Taylor, AAS, Business Administration;

KANAWHA COUNTYCharleston: Peggy Long, AAS, BOG; Peggy Long, RBA,;

MARION COUNTY – Fairmont: Jessica Yoak, RBA,;

MASON COUNTY – Cottageville: Leah Fisher, BAS, Business Administration, Cum Laude;

Leon: Cara Grindstaff, AAS, Nursing;

Letart: Sherry Brinker, AAS, BOG; Thomas Hollyday, AAS, BOG, Cum Laude;

New Haven: Pamela Roush, RBA, , Cum Laude;

PLEASANTS COUNTY – Belmont: Tonja Carouthers, BA, Elementary Education, Cum Laude;

St. Marys: Olivia Binegar, BAS, Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude; Elizabeth Blouir, AAS, Nursing; Samantha Hefner, RBA, , Cum Laude;

Waverly: William Green, BAS, Criminal Justice, Cum Laude;

RANDOLPH COUNTYElkins: Tamala Gainer, AAS, Business Technology, Summa Cum Laude;

RALEIGH COUNTYStanaford: Derek Bailey, CERT, Chem & Polymer Operator Tech, Cum Laude;

RITCHIE COUNTYCairo: Tatum Allberry, RBA; Kelli Patterson, AAS, BOG, Cum Laude; Kelli Patterson, RBA, , Cum Laude; John Robertson, AAS, Multi-Craft Technology;

Harrisville: Adam Melhuish, AAS, BOG; Adam Melhuish, RBA; Ryan Beck, AAS, Welding Technology; Donna Burns, AAS, Business Administration;

Pennsboro: Jacqui McCloy, CERT, Criminal Justice, Cum Laude; Jami Smith, RBA;

St. Marys: David Burton, CERT, Technical Studies;

Smithville: Jessica Wolfe, AAS, Nursing;

ROANE COUNTYGandeeville: Melissa Reed, AAS, Business Technology;

Le Roy: Doreen Mitchell, AAS, Nursing;

Reedy: Morgan McCune, AAS, BOG;

Spencer: Katelyn Bennett, RBA; Derek Bowman, AA, General Education; Courtney Dawson, AS, Business Administration; Courtney Dawson, AAS, Business Administration; Courtney Dawson, BAS, Business Administration; Courtney Dawson, BS, Business Administration; Barbara Hickman, AAS, Nursing; Christopher Moore, BAS, Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude; Matthew Moore, BAS, Business Administration, Cum Laude;

TYLER COUNTYMiddlebourne: Rosalie Keller, CERT, Allied Health; Hannah Warner, BA, Elementary Education;

Sistersville: Mallory Hammond, CERT, Allied Health;

WIRT COUNTYElizabeth: Rita Thomas, CERT, Paraprofessional Studies; Allison Butcher, AAS, Nursing, Cum Laude; Terry Dennis Jr, AAS, Engineering Technology; Katrina Smarr, CERT, Criminal Justice, Summa Cum Laude; Katrina Smarr, AAS, Criminal Justice, Summa Cum Laude; Jordan Vlach, RBA,;

Le Roy: Brittany Williamson, BAS, Business Administration;

WOOD COUNTYBelleville: Darin Shrewsberry, AAS, BOG; Darin Shrewsberry, RBA;

Davisville: Pamela Creel, RBA, , Cum Laude; Pamela Creel, AAS, BOG, Cum Laude; Kathryn Fulks, AA, General Education; Bryan Lively, BAT; Michael Sirk, AAS, BOG;

Mineral Wells: Zachary Bosley, BAS, Business Administration, Cum Laude; Amanda Brundage, AAS, Business Tech – Online; Alexander Cumpston, AS, Business Administration; Samantha Daggett, BAS, Business Administration; Peggy Deem, AAS, Criminal Justice; Whitney Dye, AA, General Education; Whitney Dye, RBA; Kayla Gandee, AAS, Early Childhood Development; Katlyn Gumm, AAS, Business Administration; Christina Murray, BAS, Criminal Justice; Arika Radcliff, AAS, Business Administration, Cum Laude; Felicia Thompson, RBA; David Williams, AAS, BOG; Timmy Swick, AAS, BOG; Cynthia Shutts, RBA; Cynthia Shutts, AAS, BOG;

Parkersburg: Brittany Allen, AAS, Nursing, Cum Laude; Juli Bailey, AAS, BOG; Thomas Butterfield, AAS, BOG; Sean Dix, AAS, BOG; Cheri Emerich, AAS, BOG; Anthony Greathouse, CERT, Chem & Polymer Operator Tech; Susan Hill, RBA, , Cum Laude; Brandy Lynch, BAS, Criminal Justice; Debora McKenna, BS, Business Administration; Debora McKenna, AAS, Business Administration; Debora McKenna, AS, Business Administration; Colin Metz, AAS, Energy Assess & Mgmt Tech; Sara Pomrenke, AAS, BOG; Patrick Radcliff, RBA, , Magna Cum Laude; Lisa Rector, RBA; Lisa Rector, AAS, BOG; Aimee Rhoades, AAS, Nursing; Christopher Smith, AAS, Nursing; Amber Webb, AA, General Education; Paula Wilson, AS, Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude; Nancy Bailey, AAS, BOG; Jessica Beaty, AAS, Business Technology; Ashley Bell, AAS, Business Technology; Lisa Bell, BA, Elementary Education; Christina Bibbee, AS, General Education; Brittany Bolinger, AS, General Education, Magna Cum Laude; Jason Bowers, RBA; Jason Bowers, AAS, BOG; Gina Brunicardi, AAS, BOG; Amanda Brunson, RBA; Katelyn Bryant, BAS, Business Administration, Cum Laude; Richard Cain, RBA; Patrick Cathey, CERT, Residnt/Commrcl Electrical; Anthony Cobranchi, CERT, Chem & Polymer Operator Tech, Cum Laude; Shawn Corbitt, AAS, BOG; Sheri Cox, RBA; Anthony Davis, AAS, BOG; Paul Elkins, BAS, Criminal Justice, Cum Laude; Brittni Ellis, BA, Elementary Education; Amanda Fetty, AA, General Education, Cum Laude; Mariah Freed, AA, General Education, Magna Cum Laude; Sung-Hye Galloway, AAS, Nursing; Ashley Garlow, BAS, Criminal Justice; Kaylie Gillespy, RBA, , Cum Laude; Carol Hamilton, AAS, BOG; Meghan Handley, AAS, Nursing; Tracy Handley, BAS, Criminal Justice; Jeremy Harrison, AAS, Journalism, Cum Laude; Michelle Hoff, CERT, Criminal Justice; Tammy Hoover, AAS, Business Technology; Tonya Houston, BS, Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude; Susan Hutzler, BAS, Business Administration, Cum Laude; Courtney Jones, CERT, Criminal Justice; Courtney Jones, AAS, BOG; Courtney Jones, RBA; Justin Jones, RBA; Justin Jones, AAS, BOG; Melinda Keller, AAS, Nursing, Cum Laude; Shandon Kidder, BAS, Business Administration; Ashley Kipe, AAS, BOG; Zachary Lemasters, BAS, Business Administration, Cum Laude; Rebecca Love, CERT, Criminal Justice; Rebecca Love, AAS, Criminal Justice; Christopher Lynch, AAS, BOG; Christopher Lynch, CERT, Allied Health; Samantha Mace, AA, General Education; Myriah McCullough, RBA; Ryan McCullough, AAS, Criminal Justice, Magna Cum Laude; Ryan McCullough, BAS, Criminal Justice, Magna Cum Laude; Trinity Miller, CERT, Criminal Justice; Brandis Morehead-File, RBA; Brandis Morehead-File, AAS, BOG; Sherry Morris, AAS, Business Technology, Cum Laude; Lee Morrison Jr, CERT, HVAC/R; Lee Morrison Jr, CERT, Energy Assess & Mgmt Tech; Chasity Moyers, AAS, BOG; James Mulinex, AAS, Business Administration, Cum Laude; Brittney Navarro, AAS, Nursing; Jessica Oldaker, AAS, Nursing; Peter Orn, AAS, Journalism; Peter Orn, BAS, Business Administration; Amy Owens, AAS, Nursing; Lora Phillips, AA, General Education; Caitlin Pickrell, BA, Elementary Education, Magna Cum Laude; Jamie Pierce, BAS, Criminal Justice, Cum Laude; Laura Rasel Zubreski, RBA; Laura Rasel Zubreski, AAS, BOG; Rebecca Ray, RBA; Pamela Richards, AAS, Business Administration, Cum Laude; Larry Richards Jr, RBA; April Rinehart, AAS, BOG; Kyla Shields, AAS, Criminal Justice; Megan Shoemaker, AS, Business Administration; Deidra Sias, BAS, Criminal Justice; Christa Smith, BAS, Business Administration; Wilbur Stone, RBA; Douglas Summers, CERT, Chem & Polymer Operator Tech; Abigail Sweeney, BAS, Business Administration; Melissa Taylor, BA, Elementary Education, Cum Laude; Lisa Thornton, AAS, BOG, Cum Laude; Amanda Uhl, AA, General Education; Lindsay Vincent, BAS, Business Administration; Heather Waite, AAS, Nursing; Christopher Ware, AA, General Education; Bethany Whitehead, AAS, BOG;

Rockport: Ashley Carpenter, CERT, Allied Health; Matthew Fought, AAS, Business Administration;

Vienna: Elizabeth Adkins, RBA; Wesley Alabaugh, RBA; James Brown, AAS, Nursing; Kaitlyn Eaton, AA, General Education, Cum Laude; Richard Eaton, RBA, , Magna Cum Laude; Pamala Engle, AS, Business Administration; Cierra Heath, AAS, BOG; Timothy Kirk, AAS, BOG, Cum Laude; Jamie Mace, BA, Multi-Disciplinary Studies, Magna Cum Laude; Kayla Orr, BA, Elementary Education; Jennifer Powell, AAS, Criminal Justice; Michael Sheppard, RBA; Rebecca Sheppard, RBA, , Cum Laude; Sara Williams, BAS, Business Administration; Amy Duffield, AAS, Child Development; Lisa Hardman Harris, AAS, BOG; Susan Heldman, BAS, Business Administration; Donna McGee, AAS, BOG, Magna Cum Laude; Jean Reece, AAS, BOG;

Walker: Lindsay Payne, AAS, Nursing;

Washington: Andrea Adams, BAS, Business Administration; Joyce Burdette, AAS, Nursing; Brenda Dickson, BAS, Business Administration, Cum Laude; Stoney Greathouse, AAS, BOG, Cum Laude; Ashley Hanna, AAS, Business Technology; Heather King, BA, Elementary Education; Jordyne Linville, BAS, Criminal Justice, Cum Laude; Linda Linville, RBA, , Cum Laude; Michelle McKinney, BAS, Business Administration; Katherine Penco, AAS, Nursing; Whitney Phillips, CERT, Child Development; Tina Williams, AAS, Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude; Daniel Tedesco, CERT, Chem & Polymer Operator Tech; Stacey Wright, AAS, BOG; Kristina Martin, AAS, Business Administration;

Waverly: Marie Rea, BA, Elementary Education, Cum Laude; Sarah Roberts, BA, Elementary Education;

Williamstown: Mark Board, BS, Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude; Constance Delancy, BAS, Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude; Sasha MacIver, AAS, Nursing; Adam Parks, RBA; Adam Parks, AAS, BOG; Daniel Willis, AAS, Welding Technology, Cum Laude;

WYOMING COUNTYMullens: Kayla Miller, AAS, Criminal Justice; Kayla Miller, CERT, Criminal Justice;

CALIFORNIANorth Hollywood: Christopher Cervantes, AAS, Technical Studies;

OHIOBelpre: Shannon Jones, CERT, Criminal Justice; Marla Blair, AAS, BOG, Magna Cum Laude; David Fleming, BAS, Business Administration; David Fleming, AAS, Business Administration; Andrew Armstrong, AAS, BOG;

Columbus: Derick Wolfe, BS, Business Administration;

Little Hocking: Thomas Prater, AAS, Multi-Craft Technology, Cum Laude; Erin Martin, RBA, , Cum Laude;

Lowell: Chelsea Huck, AAS, Business Administration; Chelsea Huck, BAS, Business Administration;

Marietta: Trisha Eller, RBA; Ann Zoller, AAS, Nursing;

Newport: Brooke Greenwood, RBA, , Cum Laude; Kasandra Bell Cody, AAS, BOG;

Orrville: William Danner, AAS, BOG;

Racine: Terry Smith, AAS, Welding Technology;

Reno: William Jones, BAS, Business Administration;

Vincent: Trampus Wolfe, RBA; Trampus Wolfe, AAS, BOG;

TEXASBrownsville: Pedro Coronado Jr, AAS, Occupational Development;

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