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WELCOME.  Please welcome Cheryl Michaels, our new chairperson of Nursing and Health Science Division.  She can be reached at ext. 306.

CONGRATULATIONS to our full time Child Care Assistant II employees:  Susan Burge, Alisha Hescht, and Andrea McCullough.

WELCOME. The Professional Advising Center (PAC) welcomes Shauna Carpenter as its newest advisor.  Shauna will assist new students enrolled in STEM degrees.  She can be reached at Ext. 293.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following transfer/promotion employees:
Debbie Lockhart – Admissions Counselor, Student Welcome Center
Tammy Williams – Program Assistant II, Human Resources
David Shutts – Admissions Counselor, Student Welcome Center

WELCOME to the following new employees:
Peshka Calloway, Program Specialist, Institutional Advancement
Kurt Knopp – Account Sales Executive, Workforce & Economic Development
Kimberely Hitt – Library Technical Assistant II
Shawn Hornbeck – Campus Service Worker

Employee of the Month for October is Brenda Wells, Campus Service Worker. (submitted 9/29/2016) Brenda Wells


Employee of the Month for September is Jim Haines, Press Operator. (submitted 9/1/2016) jim_haines09_entry


Employee of the Month for August is Israel Smith, Trades Specialist. (submitted 8/9/2016) Israel_small

GO PAPERLESS. In an effort to reduce costs, WVU at Parkersburg is implementing a campus wide mandate for employees to receive their pay stubs electronically by the October 14th payroll. To become “paperless”, please go to the West Virginia State Auditor’s website, www.wvsao.gov, and follow the directions attached in the E-FYI sent to your email. This website allows easy access to your pay stub well in advance of pay day. You can also review and print past pay stubs and w-2’s at your convenience. Assistance will be provided to each employee, as necessary, to accomplish this deadline. Please contact Melody Mercer at (304) 424-8331 or ude.puvwnull@recrem.ydolem for personal assistance.

SECRET PALS. The new year of the Secret Pal program starts in June. If you would like to sign up, please do so by June 1, 2016. You may pick up an application from Pat Mollohan, Office 1205, of from the Staff Council website. We look forward to having a large group of individuals again this year. If you have any questions, contact Pat Mollohan at extension 208.

PLEASE WELCOME Dr. Hank Dunn, who is our new Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Dr. Dunn is temporarily located in Room 1026, and can be reached at ext. 351, or at ude.puvwnull@nnud.knah.

SAFE ZONE. WVU Parkersburg’s Safe Zone members are allies who have participated in training and pledged their commitment to provide a safe and supportive environment for members of our LGBT community. Safe Zone members can be identified by this symbol currently displayed via lapel pin and/or desk sign. Information about how to become a Safe Zone member and the membership list is available here. (submitted 9/10/15) safe-zone

RECORDS OFFICE. The Major/Advisor/Catalog Update Form has been revised and is now available from the Records Office. If you have old forms, please destroy them. (submitted 11/19/14) 

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. The Faculty/Staff Professional Development Training Portal is now ready. Visit the portal through our main website be going to Faculty & Staff – Links – Professional Development Portal. For any questions, please contact Tess Martin at 304.424.8328 or ude.puvwnull@nitram.sset. You can also view a quick informational guide here: Professional Development Portal info guide pdf (submitted 5/6/14)

EOM NOMINATIONS. If you would like to nominate an employee that works at WVU Parkersburg for Employee of the Month, please submit nomination forms to ude.puvwnull@regnilpac.leahciM.  (updated 7/24/15)

COMMUNITY ROOM REMINDER. As a reminder, please review the Guidelines for using the Community Room. If you have questions on how to reserve the Community Room, please contact Brady Whipkey at ext. 200 in the President’s Office.

 (revised 5/27/2015)