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EVENT (9/13) WVU Parkersburg will be hosting a movie series with The Historic Smoot Theatre. Students are free to the event with a current, valid ID card; members of the public will have a $5 charge. There will be a panel after the film, with leading members of the community and the college participating.
There are four total movies in the film series with the Smoot; the theme is Challenges to Democracy. The first movie is Linconln (2012) and will take place September 13 at 6:30p

WELCOME to our new faculty!

  • Alicia Beeson, Assistant Professor of English. She can be reached at ude.puvwnull@noseeb.aicila, ext. 458, or in office 2300B.
  • Laura Carpenter, Instructor of Mathematics. She can be reached at ude.puvwnull@retneprac.arual, ext. 696, or at JCC.
  • Amber Murray, Instructor of Nursing & Health Sciences. She can be reached at ude.puvwnull@yarrum.rebma, ext. 306, or in office 2331K.
  • Olivia Reeder, Instructor of Communication and Media Studies (CMS). She can be reached at ude.puvwnull@redeer.aivilo, ext. 471, or in office 1026A.
  • Lauri Reidmiller, Associate Professor of Art. She can be reached at ude.puvwnull@rellimdier.irual, ext. 249, or in office 3302.
  • Karla Schenk, Assistant Professor of Nursing & Health Sciences. She can be reached at ude.puvwnull@knehcs.alrak, ext. 643, or in office 2311K.
  • Stevie Slone, Instructor of Education. She can be reached at ude.puvwnull@enols.eivets, ext. 435, or in office 1306-1.
  • Billy Stone, Assistant Professor of Business. He can be reached at ude.puvwnull@enots.yllib, ext. 281, or in office 1016D.
  • Dustin Sturm-Easton, Instructor of Nursing & Health Sciences. He can be reached at ude.puvwnull@notsaemruts.nitsud, ext. 612, or in office 2331J.
  • Leslie Tingler, Instructor of Nursing & Health Sciences. She can be reached at ude.puvwnull@relgnit.eilsel, ext. 397, or in office 2331F.
  • Lisa Wilkinson, Instructor of Business. She can be reached at ude.puvwnull@nosnikliw.asil, ext. 283, or in office 1021B.

EVENT NOTICE. The 9/11 Ceremony will take place Tuesday, September 11, from 9:30a – 10:00a.

SOCIAL JUSTICE PROGRAM. Dr. Patrick Kerr presents “Understanding Human Trafficking in West Virginia: A Statewide Perspective on a Worldwide Problem” in the College Theater, Thursday, Sept. 6 at 6:30 p.m. This presentation will introduce attendees to key concepts in human trafficking, recognized signs that someone may be being trafficked, and helpful responses to suspected trafficking survivors.

Employee of the Month for August is Lauriel Rader, Administrative Associate

CONGRATULATIONS to Sam Berg on her transfer to Administrative Associate in Student Support Services. She can be reached at ude.puvwnull@greb.harobeD, ext. 378, or in office 1019.

CONGRATULATIONS to Lucas Mollohan on his promotion to Maintenance Worker I. He can be reached at ude.puvwnull@nahollom.sacul, ext. 333, or in office 0104.

WELCOME to Kristy Cramlet, our new Program Specialist for Marketing & Communications. She can be reached at ude.puvwnull@telmarc.ytsirk, ext. 291, or in office 1110.

NOTICE. Dr. Gilmer will host karaoke on Thursday, August 23 from 12:15 – 1 p.m. at the Cafeteria stage. All faculty and staff are encouraged to come, make a request or join in.

Employee of the Month for July is Kristina Roberts, Project Coordinator


SAFE ZONE. WVU Parkersburg’s Safe Zone members are allies who have participated in training and pledged their commitment to providing a safe and supportive environment for members of our LGBTQIA community. Safe Zone members can be identified by this symbol currently displayed via lapel pin and/or desk sign. Information about how to become a Safe Zone member and the membership list is available here. (submitted 9/10/15) safe-zone