Student Success Council

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The Student Success Council develops, coordinates and assesses student success from recruitment and retention through achievement of stated goals. The Council establishes target recruitment areas, marketing strategies, assessment benchmarks, and goals for student centeredness and retention. It develops a plan for collaboration and coordination among those who directly affect student success. The goal of the Council is to integrate processes and activities into a cohesive system with articulated goals and measurable objectives with complementary assessment outcomes that enhance achievement of the college’s strategic plan. The expected outcome is student success.

2014-2015 Co-Chairs Dr. Cindy Gissy and Anthony Underwood

Anthony Underwood
Dr. Bob Westbrook
Brad Wilson
Brandon Cooper
Dr. Christine Guns
Christine Post
Dr. Cindy Gissy
Dan Metz
Dana Mader
Dr. Dianne Davis
Heather Skidmore
Jeff Olson
Jennifer Randolph
Jeremy Starkey
Katie Wootton
Kurt Klettner
Leslie Sims
Martha Leeson
Dr. Rose Beebe
Steve Morgan
Torie Jackson
Violet Mosser

2014-2015 Minutes:

2013-2014 Minutes:

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