Mary Beth Held

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Mary Beth Held teaches communication courses at West Virginia University at Parkersburg.  These courses include public speaking, interpersonal communication, nonverbal communication, organizational communication and others.

Held helps coach the speech and debate team which allows her more interaction with the students.   Professionally, she is a member of Eastern Communication Association, International Communication Association, Ohio University Higher Education Administration Cohort and the Ph.D. program.  Held volunteers for marketing for the River City Symphony Orchestra in her community.

Held believes that Faculty Senate is important because it provides an opportunity for the faculty to participate in governance.   Through the Faculty Senate the faculty can build stronger ties and relationships with the staff council to help bridge the silos that each typically falls into.  The more the two groups understand each other, the better they will work together and communicate with each other.

Held says that all students have a right to voice their legitimate concerns to the Faculty Senate and these concerns can be acted upon by the Senate.

Held enjoys gardening, running, hiking, backpacking and doing photography in her spare time.

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