Maggie Berdine

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Margaret Berdine (known as “Maggie”)  is a Professor of English at West Virginia University at Parkersburg.

Berdine teaches Composition l and 2, Film as an Art, and different types of literature including Fiction, Poetry and Drama.  She is currently not involved in any student or professional organizations, but is involved in several community organizations. She is a Colony Theatre Film Festival Judge and is a member of the Marietta Reading Club as a member and in the past as a critic for presentations.  She is also an active member of the local Blues, Jazz and Folk Society.

Berdine believes the Faculty Senate is important because it provides a voice of experience and wisdom to advise the administration on pathways to student success and the well-being of their colleagues. Berdine also feels that it is important to have effective communication between the faculty and support staff for success at the university. This can be accomplished through the presentation of concerns and ideas through the Faculty Senate.

According to Berdine, many issues that are addressed at Faculty Senate indirectly or directly affect the quality of instruction and student success, from issues about advising and scheduling to the institutional climate in general.  Thus, Faculty Senate is important to students too.

Berdine loves to travel and also enjoys gardening very much. She also loves to write poetry and enjoys jazz music in her free time.

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