Joyce Stover

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Joyce M. Stover, Assistant Professor of Humanities at West Virginia University at Parkersburg.

Stover teaches several types of writing courses at the university including composition, fiction/non-fiction/poetry/memoirs and research writing. She also teaches literature courses from the Victorian Era, Romantic Era, Modernism and Postmodernism, Early American Literature, Gender in Literature, The Harlem Renaissance, studies of individual authors, their lives and work (such as Mark Twain) and Women’s studies.

Stover is involved with student organizations in the capacity as faculty advisor to the student government association at the Jackson County Center. She is also on the review panel for students. Involvement with professional organizations includes Stover serving as past president of West Virginia Writers, Inc.  She was the founder of the Jackson County Authors and Appalachian Writers and the Southeastern Writer’s Association.

Stover’s community involvement includes serving as a volunteer at the historic Alpine Theater in Ripley and she is a member of the Society of Mayflower Descendants.

When asked about the importance of Faculty Senate, Stover says that an informed faculty is a better functioning faculty and open lines of communication on all levels creates an informed faculty that functions at a higher level and a happier level. Faculty Senate should be a vital part of any college or university for more reasons than preserving concepts, principles and objectives of the school’s mission, according to Stover. It ensures that the rights of faculty are supported and that there is a line of open communication between faculty and administration. Stover also says that it engages in appropriate dialogue with those in leadership positions at the college or university, including the Board of Governors, the state level of the education system, and even state legislators if the need arises.

Stover states that the information gleaned by the Faculty Senate not only concerns or benefits faculty, but the domino effect covers the entire institution, including staff. According to Stover, neither business nor universities can perform at its best without a top-notch staff.  Staff keeps the day-to-day operations flowing in a smooth manner, usually quietly with little fanfare or recognition.

She states that Faculty Senate also benefits the students indirectly from pursuits at all levels that make this university a better, safer, engaging place to complete their education. Students, most likely, do not realize the function or importance of Faculty Senate, but they know that behind the scenes things are being taken care of.

Stover enjoys writing very much. She currently has a contract to write a juvenile fiction book.  As well, she is writing an adult novel.  Stover has an art degree and loves to paint everything from jar tops to Christmas ornaments to metal waste baskets. She paints on furniture that her husband builds – designs on beds, chests, tables, lamps – almost anything else. Stover is multi-talented and has several hobbies. She also makes quilt tops and wall hangings creating her own color scheme and design. She also does a little walking stick carving from wood she gathers from her farm. When doing none of the above hobbies, one might find Stover playing the piano.

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