Dianne Davis

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S. Dianne Davis, MS (ABD) is located at the Jackson County Center of West Virginia University at Parkersburg.

Davis teaches business and business technology classes. Her specific courses are as follows: Medical Transcription, Medical Billing, Medical Coding, General Business and Business Communications. Davis serves as the lead advisor for Phi Theta Kappa; the honors society for two-year colleges.  She also serves as the Honors College Director which involves her more with students.

In addition, Davis is involved in several professional organizations including, the Advisory Board for the Virginia/West Virginia Phi Theta Kappa region and director of Honors College.  She is also a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council.

In the community, Davis serves as the representative for West Virginia University at Parkersburg’s Board for the Very Spectacular Arts Festival. This annual spring art event is held for students with disabilities. Davis is a member of the Lynn Street Church of Christ where she sometimes serves as the teacher for the Cradle Roll class (2-3 year olds). She also helps serve breakfast to the children who come to church on Sunday mornings. Davis also works with the homeless shelter in Parkersburg; Latrobe Street Mission.

Davis feels that the Faculty Senate should be the faculty voice to administration. Through Faculty Senate, faculty members should be able to come to their senators with issues. Senators then bring those issues directly to the senate body. Davis says that through Faculty Senate, issues should be resolved in an equitable and timely manner. Many times, the same issues involve staff as well as faculty. All are there to serve students, so staff and faculty must work together as a unified group. The decisions made in Faculty Senate have a huge impact on students as they should always be in the forefront of any decisions made by Faculty Senate.

In her spare time, Davis enjoys DIY home improvement projects, gardening, reading, and grandchildren and great grandchildren. When she has time she also enjoys sewing, knitting and crocheting; as well as cooking and trying new dishes.

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