Employee of the Month/Year

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West Virginia University at Parkersburg Staff Council began the Classified Employee of the Month program in August 1990. In 2011 the program was expanded to include all employees. Staff Council formed an Employee of the Month Committee to include a non-classified staff member and faculty member. This Committee reviews nominations and selects the Employee of the Month.

2015 Employees of the Month

July – Michelle Nabers – Office Administrator
Photo of  Michelle  Nabers
June – Pam Clevenger – Administrative Associate
Photo of  Pam  Clevenger
May – Tammy Harper – Records Assistant III
Photo of  Tammy  Harper
April – Michael Caplinger – Accounting Assistant II
March – Tess Martin – Admissions Counselor
Tess (2)
February – Kathy Wince – Financial Aid Counselor
Photo of  Kathy  Wince

January – Brad Wilson – Grants Resources Specialist

2014 Employees of the Month

December – Cody Irick – Purchasing Assistant II
November – Carrie Patterson – Contract Specialist
Photo of  Carrie  Patterson
October – Jeff Scott – Financial Aid Counselor
Photo of  Jeff  Scott
September – Tammy Williams – Program Assistant I
Photo of  Tammy  Williams
August – Shawn Healy – Veterans Advocate
Photo of  Shawn  Healy
July – Drema Starkey – Records Assistant III
June – Robin Ambrozy – Director, Non-Traditional Programs
Photo of  Robin  Ambrozy
May – Vickie Yencha – Information Assistant
Photo of  Vickie  Yencha

April – Jeannine Ratliffe – Interim CFO
Photo of  Jeannine  Ratliffe
March – Dina Braniff – Administrative Assistant
Photo of  Dina  Braniff
February – Pat Mollohan – Administrative Associate
Photo of  Pat  Mollohan
January – Sandi Smith – Associate Registrar
Photo of  Sandi  Smith


2013 Employees of the Month
December – Pat Harris – Office Administrator, Academic Affairs
Photo of  Pat  Harris
November – Vicki Underwood – Human Resources Assistant III
Photo of  Vicki  Underwood
October – Debbie McGinnis – Administrative Secretary
September – Bob Westbrook – Retention Specialist
Photo of Dr. Bob  Westbrook
August – Debi Lockhart – Administrative Secretary Senior
Debi Lockhart2
July – Carrie Patterson – Agency Fleet Coordinator
Photo of  Carrie  Patterson
June – Torie Jackson – Instructor/Coordinator of Journalism
May – Jim Perry – Trades Specialist 1
Photo of  Jim  Perry
April – Doug Anthony – Coordinator of IT Operations
Photo of  Doug  Anthony
March – Tyler Lewis – Security Guard
Tyler Lewis
February – Matt Patterson – Professional Technologist 1

January – Dianne Davis -Assistant Professor of Business
Photo of  S. Dianne  Davis

Employee of the Year 2014 – Cody Irick – Purchasing Assistant II
Photo of  Cody  Irick
Employee of the Year 2013 – Torie Jackson – Instructor/Coordinator of Journalism
Employee of the Year 2012 – Tess Martin – President’s Office
Photo of  Tess  Martin