English instructor publishes eight poems

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Parkersburg, W.Va. 1/12/12 – Sandra Kolankiewicz, Assistant Professor of English at West Virginia University at Parkersburg, has added eight poems to her repertoire of published works. On Nov. 9, her poem “An Education Matrix” was printed in the Mid-Ohio Valley newspaper The Anchor.

In September 2011, her poem “Lungfish” appeared in literary magazine Meat for Tea. Most recently, her poem “When I Was Sick, She Said” appeared in WomenArts Quarterly. Other works to be published include “Eaten Alive” (Monkeybicycle), “The Boyfriend” (Chaffey Review), “The Doll House” (The Cortland Review), “The Comet” (Rhino), and “The Proud Parents” (Joy Interrupted: An Anthology on Motherhood and Loss).

An accomplished writer, Kolankiewicz also had eight works published this past summer. “There are a lot of good writers who keep what they write to themselves, either because they don’t know how to market their writing or because they are afraid of rejection,” said Kolankiewicz. “Don’t be afraid to fail. One way to assure that your writing is never shared with others is to never send it out.”

Kolankiewicz also serves as the coordinator of WVU Parkersburg’s English Faculty, the Associate of Arts degree, and the General Education Certificate.

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