Transportation & Parking

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Parking permits no longer have to be purchased separately. All students need to provide Campus Security with the make and license number of their vehicle. Campus Security is located in Room 1405 in the Student Lounge area.

Faculty and staff
Parking permits are free to faculty and staff and must be replaced every three years. Be sure to update make and license number as they change.

Persons with Disabilities requiring Handicapped Parking
Drivers with handicapped stickers are still required to have a WVU Parkersburg parking permit. Be sure to hang the WVU Parkersburg permit in front of the handicap tag to allow for visibility of both numbers.

Tickets/ Fines
Tickets can be paid in the business office room #1112. Tickets can be disputed in the campus security office room #1405.

All tickets can be disputed within 10 days. After 10 days all fines stand! Parking permits must be displayed in the window of the vehicle with the number visible.

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