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Policies and Procedures

Any WVU Parkersburg student may receive a maximum of two hours of tutoring per week per course for a maximum of two courses. Tutoring is provided at no charge to students.

(1) Students may apply or be referred by faculty to the Student Success Center for tutoring. In either case, tutees print a copy of their “Week at a Glance” in OLSIS.

(2) At the time of application, the Student Success Center staff attempts to schedule tutoring within the existing tutor schedules.

(3) All tutees will initially be assigned to group sessions. The Center will attempt to assign tutees from the same class and instructor to the same group. Tutors will determine the optimum number of tutees to be assigned to a particular group to ensure successful tutoring.

Tutoring sessions are scheduled to start at the top of the hour or on the half hour. Sessions are fifty minutes long, which allows both tutors and tutees time to get to their next class or tutors to prepare for their next session.

If tutees miss two group tutoring sessions, their place in a group can be assigned to other tutees if the group has reached its optimum number. When services are discontinued, the Student Success Center Director notifies the tutees in person or by phone.

Tutees must contact the Student Success Center and/or notify the tutor if they need to cancel an individual tutoring session. If tutees fail to cancel an individual tutoring session OR cancel two individual sessions, their appointment time may be assigned to another tutee.

Types of Tutors
Student Success Center tutors are currently enrolled WVU Parkersburg students who have been recommended by faculty members.

How Tutoring Can Help

What students tell us:
At the end of the semester, tutees are asked to fill out an exit survey. Below are some of the typical quotes from these surveys.

  • Rephrased the material, let me practice the math equations, and gave study tips.
  • Showed me how to do the problems, and then let me work them.
  • Boosted my morale. Showed examples and we both worked through them. Broke the problems down. Reviewed my tests so I could learn from my mistakes.
  • I like how we worked as a group. It helped out a lot.

What the data tells us
One semester, the Student Success Center had 395 students who started tutoring. The percent of successful students who stayed in tutoring was 93%. 97% of students who received tutoring one semester registered for the next semester.

Becoming a Tutor

Student Success Center tutors are currently enrolled WVU Parkersburg students who have been recommended by faculty members. The Center recruits students who have demonstrated 1) a superior mastery of the course content they will tutor, 2) good interpersonal skills, and 3) a caring and compassionate attitude toward other students. Upon the recommendation of the faculty member, the Center Director interviews prospective tutors to determine their interest in tutoring and to assess personal qualities required to be effective tutors.

Responsibilities of the tutor

The tutor is expected to:

  • Be on time for tutoring appointments.
  • Explain and help the student understand and apply course concepts.
  • Ask questions and offer suggestions.
  • Assist the student in improving writing skills or study skills (depending on the type of tutor and the subject).
  • Always treat the student (tutee) with respect.

As the tutee, you are expected to:

  • Be on time for tutoring appointments.
  • Be sure to sign in at the front desk or with the assigned tutor.
  • Attend classes (tutoring is not a substitute for going to class).
  • Prepare for the session by:Bring necessary materials: textbook syllabus, notes, assignments, calculator, etc.
    • Completing as much work as possible before the session, read the textbook, write a draft of the essay, attempt homework problems, etc.
    • Coming with questions to ask the tutor.
  • Always treat the tutor with respect.
  • Contact the Center if you are unable to keep the appointment.

The Student Success Center
WVU Parkersburg Room 0404

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