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Employers and supervisors of co-op students provide a partnership in the education of our students. In return the employer gains highly skilled and educated employees while assisting in retaining current employees. It also allows the employer to actively participate in the education process.

Participating employers are expected to provide a work experience directly related to students’ program of study, a safe working environment, and appropriate supervision and training. Supervisors are also expected to evaluate the students’ performance and discuss with students and faculty coordinators.


Employers and supervisors of co-op students provide a partnership in the education of our students.

Benefits to Employers

  • Provides a source of highly skilled, partially trained employees
  • Affords an opportunity to screen prospective permanent employees
  • Provides a channel for active participation in the education process
  • Assists in retraining current employees

The requirements of the participating employers are to:

  • Provide a work experience directly related to students’ program of study
  • Provide a safe working environment
  • Provide appropriate supervision and training
  • Evaluate students’ performance and discuss with students and faculty supervisors.

Academic Quality

The academic quality of the Cooperative Education experience is maintained through pre-arranged learning objectives (a list of tasks to be performed by each student on the job), through regular conferences between each student and a faculty coordinator, and through an evaluation system.

A Co-op student’s grade is based largely upon successful completion of the learning objectives as judged by both the faculty coordinator and the job supervisor. Students are also required to complete assignments, keep a work activities log, and time schedule for each credit placement and to submit a final summary paper which relates back to the working objectives that were developed in the early part of the semester.

The student’s employer will provide feedback three times during the semester.  The first will be the signing of the agreement to participate, next will be a mid-term of evaluation and third will be a final.

Job Responsibilities

During the Co-op period, students are employees of the company or agency for which they work.  Students are subject to employers’ rules and regulations and will be advised by the employer of the policies governing working conditions, hours of work, holidays, and any other matters concerning employment.  Failure to meet an employer’s requirements may lead to a low evaluation, a failing grade, and in some cases, termination of employment.

Special attention should be given to attendance.  Because an extended absence from a Co-op job may require re-scheduling, students must notify both the employer and the Co-op Office as soon as such an absence becomes a possibility.

When students are on the job, they must conform to the employer’s schedule.  For example, students should not ask an employer for time off because the college has time off during a break.

In the case of being temporarily laid off or permanently discharged, students must notify the Co-op Office immediately.  The same action is required if for any reason students feel they must resign from their Co-op job.  Failure to notify the coordinator may result in either no credit or a failing grade.

Students are expected to practice ethical behavior during their placement.  Unethical behavior can result in employment termination and a failing grade for the Co-op course.

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