Student Organizations

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Organization Advisor Email
Art Club Dr. Lauri Redimiller ude.puvwnull@rellimider.irual
Breakthrough Campus Minstries Kathy Wince ude.puvwnull@ecniW.yhtaK
Chorale HG Young ude.puvwnull@gnuoY.GH
Collegiate 4-H Club Jodi Smith ude.uvw.liamnull@htimS.idoJ
Criminal Justice Organization Andrew Walker ude.puvwnull@1reklaww
EcoHawks Valerie Keinath ude.puvwnull@htanieK.eirelaV
Health & Wellness Pamela Santer ude.puvwnull@retnaS.alemaP
Kappa Delta Pi
(Education Honorary)
Cathy Ferris ude.puvwnull@sirreF.yhtaC
Legal Studies Society Scott Turner ude.puvwnull@5renruts
Literacy Association Dr. Cheryl Mader ude.puvwnull@redaM.lyrehC
Media and Communications Club Dr. Torie Jackson ude.puvwnull@noskcaJ.eiroT
Phi Theta Kappa Marie Butler
Andrew Rochus
Andrew Walker
Psi Beta (Psychology Honorary) Dave Thompson ude.puvwnull@nospmohT.evaD
Psychology Club Dave Thompson ude.puvwnull@nospmohT.evaD
SOGI United
(Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity)
Kurt Klettner ude.puvwnull@renttelK.truK
Student Government Association Samantha Suggs ude.puvwnull@sgguS.ahtnamaS
Student Nurses Association Rebecca Duckworth ude.puvwnull@htrowkcuD.accebeR
Surgical Technology Association Amy West ude.puvwnull@tseW.ymA
Table Top League Aaron Crites ude.puvwnull@setirC.noraA
Veterans Corps Michael Dooley ude.puvwnull@yelooD.leahciM
Writer’s Guild Dr. Sandra Kolankiewicz ude.puvwnull@zciweiknaloK.ardnaS

Information for New Student Organization

Is there a club or organization you don’t see listed? You can start one! Instructions, the application, and other important information can be found in the documents


Forms and Resources for Student Organizations

Forms for Recognized Organizations

Student Organization Update Form

Fundraising Application

Please review this important information regarding raffle and bingo fundraisers from the West Virginia State Tax Department

Resources for Recognized and New Organizations

 Guidelines for Flyers