Honors College

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Complete and submit an application to Dianne Davis at ude.puvwnull@6sivads.
Honors College Application doc

Honors College Requirements

  • Students with a 3.5 GPA and above are eligible to apply to the Honors College. New students coming in from high school should have an ACT score of 26. Students will apply to become a member of the Honors College by filling out the Honors College application and writing a brief essay based on questions provided.
  • Students will enter into a contract with each faculty in Honors College courses taken. Honors projects should be determined by the end of the third week into a semester to allow plenty of time to complete the project. Students will complete a project related to the course. It is intended that honor’s projects challenge the student to explore the subject in progressive, creative and innovative ways and at a scope broader than that of the traditional classroom. Students will be engaged in active learning through research, service learning, assuming leadership roles, or working alongside people in the field. The student should select a topic of interest subject to the review, potential modification and ultimate approval by the professor and Honors College coordinator.
  • Students may complete as many hours of honors credit as they desire and receive special honors notations on their official academic transcript. However, to receive honors designation at graduation, students must have successfully completed a minimum of 15 hours of honors credit. hours Nine hours will be in the core courses and six hours will be in the chosen discipline.
  • Students will participate in four seminars over the course of the Associates degree program on Phi Theta Kappa’s Competitive Edge program and Leadership studies. They will complete four seminars in the Associates Program and an additional four in the Bachelor’s program. These seminars will be held at various times giving all students flexible options to attend.
  • Students will be given opportunities to participate in group activities such as cultural events, community projects, and team building experiences as an incentive for being an Honors College member.

Research Projects

The more research experience you have, the more competitive you are for graduate and professional schools, and for funding for your graduate education. In addition, applied research experience can enhance your resume in a tight labor market.
Research projects will be relevant to the course and should be something that interests the student. Student will work with the faculty to determine the scope of the project. In addition to the written project the student will write a reflection answering the questions: what was the most significant thing I learned from this paper; will it make a difference in my life – why or why not. Students may be required to present the paper via poster demonstration.

Community Service Projects/service learning

Because an important component of being an honors educated person is the ability to give back to the community using one’s talents, all Honors College students also have the flexibility to complete a service-focused Honors Option which links their academic interest(s) to a service experience. If at all possible the project should relate to the course being taken. The student will keep a log of work completed and should complete at least 15 hours of service. The student will write a report that answers the following questions:

  • Who did you work with – describe the company/agency (are they non-profit, for profit, big business/small business)
  • What kind of work do they do
  • Where is this company located (is important because there is a difference in rural and city)
  • When did you complete this project
  • Why did you chose this particular organization
  • Reflect on what you learned from working with this organization
  • Will/did it make a difference in your life (how)

In other words, give us some background on the organization, the impact it is making on the community, and what kind of an impact did your working with the organization make on you and the rest of the community. If possible, relate it to your course work.